The Wright brothers are identical twins, Josh and Matt from the All About Us novel series. 

Wright Brothers
Jason and Mason Tyler

The Wright Brothers

General Information
Intimacy Level Siblings (twins)

The attractive set of boyish twins are classmates of the four female characters in the series. They were both sophomores at Silver Hills High School which they attend with main characters Alicia Alcott, Nikki Merrick, Sierra Jennings, and Kristy Castelli.

Nikki Merrick and Kristy Castelli dated them briefly before becoming good friends. Josh was the only twin to have feelings for Kristy.

Characters ProfileEdit

The twins were born on September 21, 1990, at Frankln Heights Memorial Hospital in Frankln Heights, California. Matt was born two minutes before Josh. Both brothers attended Silver Hills Elementary School with the All About Us main characters. They attended Belmont Middle School, while the girls attended Silver Hills Middle School. They later reconnected with the girls at Silver Hills High.

All About UsEdit

In Behind the Dancer, Matt was pursued by fellow classmate, Nikki Merrick, when she developed a crush on him. To go on a date with him, Nikki tries to set up Josh with her friend, Kristy Castelli

In Not-so Great Romance, Josh asks Alicia Alcott for help on pursing Kristy Castelli. They constantly hang out which causes questions for Matt and Alicia's boyfriend and bandmate, Ryan Frankel. Ryan asks Matt if there something going on with Matt's brother and Alicia. Matt answers with "Beats Me." 

In Earthquake, In the boys' room, Ryan Frankel says Alicia kissed another boy. He admits to Josh and Matt he is in love with her. Until,

Book EpisodesEdit

  • Behind the Dancer - Nikki Merrick plays matchmaker on Kristy and Josh Wright, to pursue Josh's twin brother, Matt.
  • Christmas in Silver Hills - Matt and Josh Wright can't go to New York for Christmas, so they decide to spend Christmas with the girls; Josh developes feelings for Kristy.


  • Matt and Josh are the first set of twins in the franchise, the second are Dylan and Hannah Meade and the third are Robin and Rachel Haines, and the third are Noah and Alex Frazier.
  • Matt and Josh were also the first set of identical twins in the franchise. The second set is Robin and Rachel Haines.
  • Matt and Josh are the only male twins in the series.
  • They both dated an AAU girl in their senior year
  • They double dated with Nikki Merrick and Kristy Castelli in Behind the Dancer.
  • Matt likes blue and Josh likes red.
  • Matt is 6 minutes older than Josh.
  • They both teased Alicia Alcott, but then Josh dated her.
  • Matt and Josh normally dress in the same clothes with different colors.
  • They graduated in the final episode of the series, All About Graduation.
  • They both directed a school play- Matt directed Space Awakening in Season 9 and Josh directed Love Roulette in Season 11.
  • Matt has a daughter, Emily with Josh's ex-girlfriend, Kristy.
  • They both had friction with Ryan Frankel and Logan Haines, due to them previously dating Sierra Jennings and Alicia Alcott.


Young Matt & Josh Wright

Young Matt & Josh Wright