Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas is an Christmas episode of All About Us. This episode is much serious than the other Christmas episodes.


Alicia and Sierra are stucking working on Christmas Eve, when they are being held hostage by an gunman; Ryan, Alicia's ex-boyfriend is also held hostage and is suffering from syptoms from appendicitis. Will Ryan make it to the hospital in time?

Songs included in episodeEdit

  • Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - Performed by Ryan Frankel (feat.) Alicia Alcott.
  • Santa Claus Lane - Performed by Alicia Alcott.
  • This Christmas - Performed by Alexa Andrews.
  • Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Performed by Alicia Alcott.
  • Jingle Bell Rock - Performed by Alicia Alcott & Ryan Frankel.
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Jackson 5.
  • Silent Night - Performed by Alicia, Dessy, & Niecy Alcott.



  • Josh Wright develops a crush on Alicia Alcott.
  • Alicia and Sierra get jobs at Sassy's boutique.
  • Sierra invites both Logan and Matt for Christmas dinner.
  • Josh kisses Alicia.
  • An unemployed man shows up at Sassy's and holds Sassy's employees and their customers hostages.
  • Ryan experiences symptoms of an appendicitis while being held hostage. Alicia goes to his side.
  • Ryan is released to be rushed to the hospital, leaving Alicia and Sierra behind. The Sassy's employees are released while the unemployed man is arrested. Alicia sees Ryan at the hospital and she sings Jingle Bell Rock to him.
  • Alicia performs Santa Claus Lane at a concert sponsored by 47.5 FM.

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