Top 10 moments from All About Us' scary episode, Earthquake.

10. The First Rumble

  • The busy lives of the AAU girls and residents of Silver Hills was horrifically interupted when they felt the earth move violently.

9. Trent and Will reconciled

  • Trent Alcott and Will Jennings weren't a couple when the earthquake happened, however after he rescued her from the horrific damage to her parents' house, they fall in love again.

8. Mrs. Crawford's death

  • Evil biology teacher, Mrs. Crawford is known for being a bully. No one would ever forget the way she treated both Alicia Alcott and Nikki Merrick in their sophomore year at Silver Hills High. However, the news that Mrs. Crawford was killed was the most shocking thing to express different emotions.

7. Sierra and Matt's kiss

  • Before the earthquake, Sierra Jennings wasn't a big fan of hottie, Matt Wright. He was the guy her frenemy, Nikki Merrick would date. After the earthquake happened, Sierra and Matt try to make their way throughout the rubble to find their friends and family. But throughout the journey, the two share a surprising kiss, which would lead to Sierra breaking up with Logan and date Matt in their senior year.

6. Ryan delivers a baby

  • Trapped at his father's house, damaged by the earthquake, Ryan Frankel tries to get his pregnant stepmother to the hospital with help from ex-girlfriend, Alicia Alcott. However, unable to make it to the hospital, Ryan had no choice by to deliver his half-sister, Katie, who would later become a main character in "Just the Seven of Us". Alicia later compliments Ryan for the way he handled the birth of his sister.

5. Kristy saving Nikki

  • Even though the earthquake claimed Mrs. Crawford's life, it nearly killed her least favorite student, Nikki Merrick. With a broken leg, fractured arm, and a concussion, Nikki was barely clinging to life. Scared that she might die, Kristy chooses not to wait for an ambulance and travels to Silver Hills General Hospital to save Nikki.

4. Ryan 3. The girls reunite with their families.
2. The girls reunite.
1.The Aftermath