The Mighty Dragonettes is an cheerleading squad at Silver Hills High. Each member are either a main character, a recurring character, or an one-time character.


Every character in both the All About Us and Teens of Silver Hills franchises have been on the squad known as an Dragonette.

Current DragonettesEdit

Former DragonettesEdit


  • The current members on the team are characters from The Stepsisters of Silver Hills.
  • The squad had its own series, The Mighty Dragonettes featuring new characters.
  • Amy Hunter and her cousin, Allison Holmes were the first cheerleaders to appear in All About Us all the way to their final episode of the series. Also, Amy was the captain and Allison was the co-captain.
  • Brooke Madison was on the team during her era in Just the Seven of Us series until she graduated.
  • Jessica Hartman and her best friend, Natalie Epistein were on the team in The Haines Family Values.
  • Allison, Brooke, Natalie, and Liz were the only four Dragonettes to date nerds.
    • Allison dated Logan Haines in their senior year.
    • Brooke dated Billy Simpson in their second semester of their junior year.
    • Natalie dated with Aaron Haines in their first semester of their junior year.
    • Holly dated -- in .
      • Allison and Natalie share similarities and they dated Logan and his son, Aaron.
  • Some of the Dragonettes were the main antagonist in different series.
    • Amy Hunter from All About Us
    • Jessica Hartman from The Haines Family Values
    • Kelly Callahan from Just the Seven of Us and Scene 3
    • Marcie Blake from The Stepsisters of Silver Hills and The Mighty Dragonettes.
  • Lexie Winfield and Kristen Barrett were on the team during their era in The Stepsisters of Silver Hills.
    • Lexie was on the team in the beginning of the series, while Kristen joined as a courtesy of her stepsister.
  • Kelly Callahan is the only Dragonette to be in two novel series as the main antagonist to main characters. She was the enemy of Brooke Madison and the members of Scene 3.
  • Alexa Andrews is the only minor cheerleader character to be in a love triangle with AAU's supercouple, Alicia Alcott and Ryan Frankel.
  • Annika Kurtz is the only Dragonette to appear in other novels before being the main character of the Dragonettes series.
  • Holly Cooper is the only intellectual Dragonette on the squad.

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