The Grass is Always Pinker
Vital statistics
Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
Published on April 1928
Published by Xilbris Publishing
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Falling for You Not-So Great Romance

The Grass is Always Pinker is the fourteenth book in the All About Us series by Maryam Wells published by Xilbris Publishing.

Main PlotEdit

When Sweet Suspense comes to Silver Hills for a concert, the girls are excited and wanted to sneak at Hollins Hotel to see them. It's the girls attempt to get Nikki back to her old self again and have fun. But when Nikki sees her father for the first time since he moved out, she sees another woman with him and the two were kissing, this shocks Nikki and she learns the reason behind her parents' divorce. What will happen next?


Alicia accidently wears the jacket which belong to SPG member Leslie Porter, while she wears Alicia's jacket. Alicia and the other plan to return it before Leslie's notices that something is up. Can Alicia fix this clothing switch?


  • Sweet Suspense is mentioned and featured in this episode.
  • Hollins Hotel is the same hotel in the Double Trouble series written by the same author.
  • Not-So Great Romance is the sequel to this book where Nikki isn't talking to her father.
  • Many students from Silver Hills High attend the Sweet Suspense concert in this episode.

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