The Grapevine is a series about Silver Hills High students run the school newspaper, The Grapevine. The series takes place in the mid 1990's.


  • Eve Jacobsen - Editor until her graduation in the second arc.
  • Cameron Clark - Sports Editor until his graduation in the second arc.
  • Cassie Turner - Writing staff
  • Tamara Dawson - Reporter
  • Starr Dawson - Editor for The Grapevine website; Tamara's younger sister.
  • Brian Gilbert - Editor replacing Eve Jacobsen after she graduated; Love interest of Tamara.
  • Gwen Desoto - Reporter.
  • Damian Roberts - A non-member of the Grapevine and love interest of Eve Jacobsen.
  • Luke Cunningham - Photographer; Love interest of Starr.
  • Jennifer Parker
  • Claudia Baldwin
  • Hilary Walker
  • Melina Fontaine

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