The Divorce
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Nikki Merrick from The Divorce

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The Divorce is the 14th book of the series, All About Us. This episode centers on Nikki Merrick.


Nikki Merrick has it all. Three awesome best friends, popularity, good looks, modern-style house, and a closet large enough to be a shopping mall. But now, her perfectly wonderful life crashes down on her when her parents announce the most shocking news that can happen to her in her junior year of high school. Her parents announce that they were getting a divorce. Nikki is in shock and knows that divorce mean changes. Nikki is so upset, she becomes depressed, refusing to go shopping and shutting out every boy in school who have taken interest in her. Can Nikki's best friends shake her out of her depression?


Both Alicia and Sierra are crushed when they learn that their favorite teacher Mr. Niles has left Silver Hills High.


  • Nikki's parents split up for good.
  • Sierra mentions her parents' split.
  • The subplot featuring Mr. Niles leaving Silver Hills High came from Maryam Wells when she learned that her favorite teacher from high school also left and she was crushed about it.
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