The Bet is the seventeenth book of the All About Middle School series. 


Who will kiss the cutest boy first?

Long time best friends Alicia Alcott and Nikki Merrick make a bet on kissing Silver Hills Middle School’s cutest jock, Carter Hale. Alicia plans to serenade Carter with music, while Nikki plans to kiss him under the bleachers on the P.E. field. But the problem is both girls have no experience on kissing boys and they bet ten bucks to kiss Carter first.

Meanwhile, Sierra develops a crush on a classmate of her sister’s.



Chapter 1

On a cold Tuesday morning around 7:45, 12-year-old Alicia Alcott got off the Metro Bus and met up with her best friends, Nikki Merrick, Sierra Jennings, and Kristy Castelli at the Blockbuster Movie Theatre. They were walking from the theatre to their school Silver Hills Middle School.

“God, it’s so cold today!” Nikki complained. She hugged her pink faux fur jacket with a white open-knit, knee-high lace socks, and Mary-Jane shoes from Lola’s. Under her coat was her navy collar top and short black pleated skirt.

The real reason why Silver Hills, California (the city the girls live) was so cold was on today’s weather forecasts; it was going to rain this afternoon. Luckily, it was Professional Development Day; students at Silver Hills Middle School are let out early at 1:35 PM (which can happen on a Tuesdays sometimes). “Well, the weatherman on Channel 4 said it’ll be raining this afternoon!” Sierra shouted because the bus Alicia took was leaving the movie theatre to another destination Alicia was already too familiar with.

 Half way into the walk on Vega Street, Nikki felt a raindrop on her soft pink cheek. It was soft pink because the 7th grader added blush to her cheeks from her mother’s makeup.

“I thought you said it’ll rain this afternoon?” Nikki asked Sierra. “You felt a raindrop, didn’t you?” Kristy asked. “It hit my left cheek and ruined my blush!” “You’re wearing blush?” Alicia asked. The girls were in the 7th grade and only twelve years old. Since when is Nikki Merrick old enough to wear makeup, let alone blush? “Thank god I have an umbrella!” Sierra shouted. The girls finally arrive at school. They saw lots of girls in their raincoats. It was like they already seen the weather forecast before leaving the house. They also saw a bunch of boys not wearing their jackets or coats. They were showing off their burgundy and navy collar polos. It looked like not all of the Silver Hills kids tuned in for today’s weather report. “Those losers are going to catch a cold for not wearing a jacket or a coat!” Sierra said outraged. “It’s like they don’t pay attention to fashion tips on how to stay warm on a freakin’ cold weather!” Nikki agreed with Sierra. Upon arriving in the hallways of Silver Hills Middle School, the girls encounter Julie Wilcox, the snobbiest blonde It girl in the 7th grade. She had on a black bow headband on her ash-blond hair with soft curls, an ivory sweater, a navy polo, black pleated skirt, crème knee-high socks, and mary-jane shoes. Nikki was shocked that Julie was almost dressed just like her. But Nikki was wearing her bubblegum pink jacket with a white wool scarf. She plans to keep both her jacket and scarf on all day to hide the same outfit as Julie. As a matter of fact, the girls and Julie were almost wearing the same outfit because at their school, they were required to wear uniforms. It was been the same rule since Silver Hills Middle School opened in 1937. Back then, the uniforms were just white tops, a black tie, black cardigan and black shirts for girls and White buttoned top, a black tie, black jacket, and black pants for boys. In 2000, the new millennium, the uniforms were updated to a whole new formal style. 6th graders are required to wear white collar top and different black bottoms; 7th graders were required to wear Navy collar tops and the same black bottoms (in different styles); and finally, 8th graders are required to wear burgundy collar tops with the same black bottoms. The only part of the school uniform policy that hasn’t changed since its debut in 1937 were the black bottoms.

 Back when the girls just turned eleven and their elementary school days had finally became a mere-memory, they didn’t know they had to wear a uniform to Silver Hills Middle school; until their trip in August. Alicia was there with her friends and Sierra’s mother, Susan to get to know the school before back to school day arrived.

Silver Hills Middle School wasn’t just a normal school back then, it was prim and proper, the two words Alicia didn’t like. Now, kids in Silver Hills make this school look fun by gossiping about anything school related or personal related. Alicia told her mother that the students of Silver Hills Middle School are required wear school uniforms every day. Alice Alcott was confused. When she was in middle school, she didn’t wear a school uniform. Also, she and Alicia have seen girls in a school uniform where other girls aren’t in a school uniform. “Ooh! That girl just stole my look!” Nikki groaned angrily. “Look on the bright side, Nik. She doesn’t know that,” Alicia whispered. The time was getting on 7:40 and the girls decided to buy chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria. Since when did Silver Hills, the hottest town in California become the coldest town in California? Nikki hugged her pink fur jacket to keep herself warm. Then the girls sat down at the cafeteria table. The table had water droplets on top due to the cold weather.

 “So are you going to let Julie Wilcox’s almost identical outfit bring you down?” Sierra asked Nikki.

“Sierra. That girl’s been copying my style choices since the beginning of seventh grade.

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