Teens of Silver Hills is an sister franchise of the popular All About Us series. This franchise chronicles the lives and everyday teenagers living in Silver Hills, California, just like the original characters from AAU.

List of seriesEdit


  • Several characters from All About Us Franchise made appearances in every Teens of Silver Hills series.
    • Kristy Castelli from AAU has been in every TOSH series as an teacher at her alumna matter.
  • Katie Frankel is he only main character from the TOSH franchise to have been born in the AAU franchise.
  • Bianca Watkins and Connor Morris's marriage in Scene 3 was the first instance of teen marriage in the Franchise.
  • Brooke Madison's abortion in Just the Seven of Us was the first instance of abortion in the franchise.
  • Teenage Marriage is introduced in Scene 3 and would be used again in The Mighty Dragonettes.