Taylor Ferguson
Lisa cimorelli as Taylor Fergurson

Taylor Ferguson

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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 1982
Residence Silver Hills
Title(s) Tay (Everyone at School)
Tramp (Kylie)
Family Information
Parents Mary Ferguson (Mother)
Ben Ferguson (Father, Deceased)
Sibling(s) Kylie Fergurson
Professional Information
Profession High School Student
Character Information
First Appearance Wish Upon a Star (Book)
Last Appearance Wish Upon a Star (Book)
Portrayed By Lisa Cimorelli

Taylor Ferguson is a fictional character from the novel Wish Upon a Star, which is a part of the Teens of Silver Hills franchise. She and her younger sister, Kylie only appeared in the novel.

Wish Upon a StarEdit


  • Taylor and her sister, Kylie only appeared in the novel Wish Upon a Star.
  • Taylor shares similar traits with Nikki Merrick, Brooke MadisonLexie Winfield, Annika Kurtz, and Kimberly Hayes for being the pretty, popular girls.
  • She is the second character to have Bulimia; the first was Caitlyn Haines.
  • It was revealed in the story that Taylor

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