The relationship between sisters Tamara and Starr Dawson was introduced when Starr joined the Grapevine after starting her freshman at Silver Hills High School. Both sisters worry about one another, despite their age gap. Tamara is seen to be often overprotective of Starr, and is quick to give advice if needed based on her own personal experience.

Sibling HistoryEdit


  • Both made their first appearances in The Grapevine series. Tamara appeared in the first arc and Starr appeared in the third arc.
  • Both sisters are fans of singer Alicia Alcott and fashion icon Nikki Merrick, who are alumni of Silver Hills High.
  • Both girls have been intoxicated - Tamara with drugs in - and Starr with alcohol in -.
  • They are both no longer virgins.
    • Tamara lost her virginity to - during her senior year in -.
    • Starr lost their virginity to - during her sophomore year in -.
  • Both were drinking out of frustration during their junior years. Tamara in - and Starr in.
  • Both had been sent to the nurses' office at school.
    • Tamara when she vomited in class and Starr when she had intense menstruation cramps.
  • They interacted together in the third and fourth arc.
  • They were both members of the Silver Hills High's school newspaper, The Grapevine.

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