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Alicia from Sweet Little Lies.

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Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
Published on Unknown
Published by Arthur's
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Flawed Logic Under 21

Sweet Little Lies is the fourth book in the All About Us series by Maryam Wells. It was published by Xilbris Publishing.

Alicia is featured on the book cover.


Alicia's pop star cousins visit Silver Hills and feeling envious of their success when she is stuck living the ordinary life, Alicia tells them she is a member of the Drama, Fashion, and Choir Clubs. Can Alicia compete with her famous cousins.

Meanwhile, Nikki takes art class to prep her for fashion design school, unfortunately she learns that she can't draw.

Alicia tries to pair Kristy with her crush Jeremy from Biology class.



  • This is the first appearance of Dessy and Niecy Alcott and their father.
  • Alicia

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