Susan Jennings is the mother of daughters Will, Sierra, and Leslie Jennings. She currently lives in the Jennings home, while Samuel moved out after he left Susan for a younger woman.

Susan Jennings
Susan Jennings

Susan Jennings

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Hair Color:


Marital Status:

Divorced to Samuel Jennings 

Dating Kenneth Shaw 



Will Jennings (Daughter) Sierra Jennings (Daughter) Leslie Jennings (Daughter) Trent Alcott (Son-in-Law) Logan Haines (Son-in-Law) Eddie Alcott (Grandson via Will) Ricky Alcott (Grandson via Will) Ashley Alcott (Granddaughter via Will) Mariah Alcott (Granddaughter via Will) Michael Haines (Grandson via Sierra) Aaron Haines (Grandson via Sierra) Caitlyn Haines (Granddaughter via Sierra) 


Samuel Jennings (Ex-Husband) 

Kenneth Washington (Boyfriend)


Pamela Castelli

Elizabeth Merrick

Alice Alcott

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Susan is of the Irish descent. She has reddish-brown hair, green eyes, a killer smile, and a slender body.


She was raised in Arletta, California, before meeting Samuel Jennings. She left Arletta and moved to Silver Hills with him. She and Samuel has three daughters: Will, Sierra, and Lulu. When middle daughter, Sierra was in middle school, Susan and Samuel fought constantly leading to a separation and divorce. The split devastated Sierra.


  • Susan is friends with Pamela Castelli, Alice AlcottElizabeth Merrick.
  • She lives next-door to Alice and Edward Alcott.
  • She has a secret short-lived romance with Eric Merrick, Nikki's father.
  • She is a well-educated woman and a caring mother for all three of her girls. She is a workaholic and is often out of the house.
  • She and youngest daughter, Leslie moved in at Elizabeth Merrick's condo after her home was destroyed in the Earthquake episode. Her other daughter, Sierra moved in at Alice Alcott's house due to her being angry at Nikki Merrick.
  • Susan and her ex-husband, Samuel ended their marriage in the All About Middle School series.
  • She has two son-in-laws, Trent Alcott and Logan Haines.
  • Susan comforted Alice Alcott at her husband's funeral in Give Us Strength.
  • She has 7 grandchildren.
    • Four from Daughter Will: Eddie, Ricky, Ashley, and Mariah.
    • Three from Daughter Sierra: Michael, Aaron and Caitlyn.