The Silver Hills Kids were a group of teenagers named Julie Marshall, Scott Barringer, Katie Frankel, Brooke Madison, Billy Simpson, Russ Talbot, Beck Walker, and twins Noah and Alex Frazier, from Silver Hills, California and main characters in the series, Just the Seven of Us.


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  • Julie Marshall
  • Scott Barringer
  • Katie Frankel
  • Brooke Madison
  • Billy Simpson
  • Alex Frazier
  • Noah Frazier

Past MembersEdit

  • Beck Walker - She left the group when she moved away.
  • Russy Talbot - He left the group when he was transferred to another school.

Interaction HistoryEdit

Although they were main characters and close friends, there are some interactions that stood out in the series.


The following couples were in a relationship at some point in the series, Just the Seven of Us:

  • Noah and Jenna
  • Scott and Katie
  • Scott and Brooke
  • Billy and Brooke
  • Billy and Alex
  • Russ and Beck


The characters have formed friendships with each other and new characters:

  • Scott and Julie
  • Scott and Katie
  • Scott and Brooke
  • Julie and Katie
  • Julie and Brooke
  • Julie and Billy
  • Julie and Alex
  • Billy and Katie
  • Katie and Brooke
  • Billy and Brooke
  • Billy and Noah


Despite the fact that the main characters are best friends, they have developed a rivalry with them.

  • Scott vs. Julie
  • Scott vs. Katie
  • Katie vs. Brooke


The following characters developed feelings for one or the other at some point in the series:

  • Scott and Brooke

The following characters have been in a love triangle at some point in the series:

  • Scott, Brooke, and Katie
  • Billy, Alex, and Brooke


First arc of the series

  • Julie Marshall, Scott Barringer, Katie Frankel, Brooke Madison, Billy Simpson, Beck Walker, and Russ Talbot are introduced in the series.
  • Scott and Katie begin their relationship.
  • Scott and Julie's parents begin their relationship.
  • Scott and Katie break up.

Second arc of the series

  • The teens began their junior year at Silver Hills High.
  • Beck Walker and Russ Talbot leave Silver Hills High.
  • Billy is promoted to head writer for the Grapevine.
  • Many students attend the Alicia Alcott concert during Spring Break.
  • Noah and Alex Frazier enroll at school and befriends the teens.
  • Julie and Alex officially become friends.
  • The relationship between Scott and Katie ends, and the one between Scott and Brooke begins.
  • Katie begins a relationship with a college student to prove she was over Scott.
  • Brooke finds out she's pregnant, opting for an abortion.
  • Scott and his father move in with Julie and her mother.
  • Scott and Katie have a pregnancy scare.
  • Mrs. Garcia, 11th grade English Lit teacher, goes into labor in the classroom.
    • Scott delivers the baby.
  • Katie takes caffeine pills to stay awake to prove she can manage on her own.

Third arc of the series

  • The friends have plans for the Summer:
    • Brooke models in New York
    • Billy, Noah, and Katie have lifeguard jobs.
    • Scott and Alex are in summer school making up their classes.
    • Julie is at the Los Angeles Academy for the Dramatic Arts for the Summer Program.
  • The teens begin their senior year.
  • Billy learns that Brooke kissed another while she was modeling in New York and breaks up with her.
  • Billy and Alex have sex in the props room.
  • Billy and Alex start a relationship.
  • Noah and Julie start a relationship.
  • The friends graduate from Silver Hills High.
  • Scott marries Katie.


  • They are all main characters in the series, Just the Seven of Us.
  • Beck Walker and Russ Talbot were a part of the group until they left Silver Hills.
  • Alex and Noah Frazier joined the group in the fall semester after Russ and Beck's departures.
  • Scott and Katie were the only character to break up and make up numerous times.
  • Scott dated both Katie and Brooke.
  • Brooke dated both Scott and Billy.
  • Billy dated both Brooke and Alex.
  • The big storyline together was their battle with their evil ex-principal, Mr. Campbell.
  • Julie and Billy supports Scott and Katie's relationship.
  • They are all fans of recording artist and Silver Hills High alum, Alicia Alcott.
  • Katie and Brooke were frenemies in the group.
  • It was revealed that when the kids begin their freshman year at Silver Hills High, former student, Caitlyn Haines began her senior year.

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