Vital statistics
Participants Silver Hills Residents
Date March 7, 2007
Location Silver Hills, California

The Silver Hills Earthquake was an event that occurred in the third arc of the AAU episode, Earthquake: Part 1.



  • In Senior Beginnings, it was revealed that Sierra Jennings' house was destroyed in the earthquake and she moves in with Alicia while her mother and younger sister move in at Nikki Merrick's condo.
  • In , where Kristy Castelli, a teacher at Silver Hills High, mentions the Earthquake to her student, Brooke Madison, a future student in Just the Seven of Us. She tells her that she is frightened by Earthquake because of the experience and she also mentions that Nikki Merrick, Brooke's favorite fashion designer and Kristy's friend was injured in the quake and almost died of her injuries.
  • In -, Tamara Dawson questions her teacher, Ms. Kristy Castelli about the Silver Hills Earthquake when she is asked to do an article about the earthquake that nearly destroyed Silver Hills on its' 20th anniversary. Ms. Castelli was uncomfortable talking about it and leaves her. Then Tamara learns that Ms. Castelli was involved in the earthquake when she was an teenage. When she confront her about it again, Ms. Castelli finally tells her happened. Ms. Castelli revealed the events which stuns Tamara. She decides not to do the article, however Ms Castelli tells her to do the article to let student know what happened on that night so students should be prepared for another disastrous earthquake in the future. Ms. Castelli does an interview with Tamara about how she nearly lost a friend of her's in the earthquake and that a former student was born in the quake.

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