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The relationship between Sierra Jennings and Matt Wright began prior to the Not-So Great Romance episode of All About Us.

Conflict ProfileEdit

In Back to School, Again, Sierra and Matt butt heads in Debate.

In Homecoming, Matt makes jokes about Logan's tuxedo and Sierra defends him by telling Matt that Logan still has brains unlike him, shocking Matt.

In Alicia Loves Ryan, Mr. Saunders pairs Sierra and Matt together to work on acting out a shakesphere scene which by this time she and Matt weren't getting along. Matt called Sierra an "Uptight Bitch" and Sierra punches him.

In Not-So Great RomanceMatt gets annoyed when Sierra attends his campaign party telling people to vote for her. He confronts her, and Sierra says nobody will vote for him due to him not being smart or responsible enough. Matt then says she's only running since she and Logan "broke up" and tells everyone to vote for him. Upset, Matt pushes him in the kiddie pool and calls him an "arrogant asshole" and leaves. Then, Sierra is caught off guard when she sees that Matt has standees of himself everywhere and he says he wants to take the campaign seriously. At the debate Matt gets nervous when he tries giving the students what they want and Sierra says he can't keep trying to please people. Once Matt wins the election Sierra is pissed and runs out. When Matt tries to comfort her and offers for her to be his VP, and Sierra accepts his offer.

In Sierra Takes on Pollution, Matt comments Sierra about her fight against pollution as she was putting up posters on the school hallway walls. Sierra tells Matt "Screw You".

In Earthquake: Part 1, Matt reveals to his twin-brother, Josh that he likes Sierra.

Relationship ProfileEdit

In Senior Beginnings, Matt finds Sierra crying as she was leaving the library. She tells him that she and Logan have broken up. Matt tells her that he's sorry but, is happy because he wants to date her. The next day, Sierra is walking in the school hallway alone after school, when Matt catches up with her. He teases her about liking him, she denies it, then he kisses her. Although in shock, Sierra kisses him back, causing them to make out in the hall.

In Final Hell, Matt was happy that he finished his exams, and Sierra said that she had one more left. They latter went to Alicia's place to give her Cup of Noodle soup for her, since she was battling a bad cold.

In Prom Night, Matt tells Sierra that he and his brother, Josh were thinking of renting a limo for the senior prom.


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  • They both attended Silver Hills High in the All About Us series.
  • They started out as enemies, then Matt started liking Sierra, but remained enemies, then they became friends, then got together, broke up, and finally got back together.
  • They were often partners in class for reports or in class activities.
  • Their first kiss together was in episode Earthquake: Part 1.
  • Matt once tried to set his twin brother, Josh up with Sierra's best friend, Alicia Alcott. Ironically, Matt and Josh once bullied her, but they're now on good terms with her.
  • Matt and Sierra lost their virginities to each other in a limo at the Silver Hills Spring Formal.
  • They both graduated in the final AAU book episode, All About Graduation.
  • Both Matt and Sierra, along with Logan Haines won the AAU Wiki Award for Best Love Triangle.

Both Sierra and Matt won the AAU Wiki Award for Best Kiss in Sierra Takes on Pollution.

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