The relationship between Sierra Jennings and Logan Haines developed in book episode, Sierra Meets Her Match.

Sierra & Logan
Sierra-Logan kiss

Sierra and Logan kissing

General Information
Nickname Slogan 
Intimacy Level Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Friends
Started Dating Sierra Meets Her Match
Dating Status Active

Relationship HistoryEdit

In Sierra Meets her Match, Sierra meets Logan Haines over security cameras at their school.

In Behind the Dancer, Sierra and Logan were on double date with Ryan and Alicia.


  • They both interned for Channel 13 News in the summer of 2006.
  • They both liked writing.
  • They both double-dated with Sierra's best friend, Alicia Alcott and Ryan Frankel.
  • Sierra and Logan helped Nikki Merrick plan the dance in Unknown.
  • They both liked writing.
  • They have three children together, as of the All About Us: 30 & Hot.
  • They both graduated from Silver Hills High at the end of the series, but broke up at prom.


Rival RelationshipsEdit

See AlsoEdit

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