The Jennings Residence
  • The Jennings Residence
  • Jennings' House Interior
  • Jennings' Kitchen
  • Sierra's Room

Address: 4324 Crescent Street.

All About Middle SchoolEdit

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All About UsEdit

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  • Sierra's father moved out of the Jennings' home after he and Susan Jennings, Sierra's mother, divorced.
  • Sierra's room is next door to her bathroom and Will's room.
  • Sierra and Will once shared a room together, but Will moved into her own room.

Known ResidentsEdit

  • Sierra Jennings
  • Lulu Jennings
  • Will Jennings (Moved to an dormitory)
  • Susan Jennings
  • Samuel Jennings (Moved out after he and Susan divorced)
  • Eric Saunders (Moved in after Sierra graduates high school).

Sierra's RoomEdit

Sierra's room reflects Sierra's personality. It has very classic pieces, such as her antique standing oval mirror and the canopy style bed. She has a cork board with past diplomas and awards displayed on it. Her desk is covered in trophies, and she has many books. She has a four poster bed and a computer on her desk.

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