School's Out, Summer's In! is an series of Audio-novellas about the summer plans of the main characters in All About Us series by Maryam Wells, which was published on January 3, 2012 by Tate Publishing.

This is also the largest All About Us book currently in the series.

  • Alicia: Alicia is in summer school for computer and english classes to keep Nikki comany. She is portrayed by Logan Browning.
  • Nikki: Nikki is in summer school with Alicia after flunking Algebra 1. She is portrayed by Britt Robertson.
  • Sierra: Sierra to New York to visit her father, where she meets her father's new girlfriend and her son, whom Sierra really likes. She is portrayed by Jessica Parker Kennedy.
  • Kristy: Kristy is at basketball camp, where. She was portrayed by Lindsey Morgan.

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