Prom Night is the prom episode of All About Us series.


It’s Prom Night

Alicia plans on asking her ex-boyfriend, Derek to the Silver Hills High Senior Prom, after Ryan tells her that he’s going to the prom with girlfriend, Alexa; Nikki accidently stains Alicia’s prom dress and is worried about not getting a new one; Sierra plans to go to the prom with her ex-boyfriend, Logan; and Kristy and Josh deals with him going to college in New York.

  Will this be the best prom ever…or a bust?


  • This was based on Maryam Wells' real-life senior prom experience.



Chapter 1

Alicia Alcott had a hard time finding an outfit to wear for the senior class picture day at Silver Hills High. She searched in her closet and in her drawers, no cute tops to wear for senior picture day. She was too lazy to wash her hair, so she put her hair in a boring, dull ponytail.

“Ugh!” Alicia groaned out of frustration. There were no cute, available tops to wear for the senior picture. The last time she got her picture taken for the senior picture, it was the cap & gown pictures for the yearbook, which was in the fall of the first semester. She had her hair straight and hardly wore any blush on her face.

Now, she’s got makeup on her face and no trendy top to go with the makeup.

Alicia leaves her bedroom at 6:35 AM and heads to her parents’ bedroom to borrow her mother’s light-blue blouse. Not her best choice to wear, but what else can she do?

After putting on the blouse, Alicia caught a glimpse at herself in her full-length mirror. She hated the blouse. It didn’t fit her fun-loving personality nor go with her makeup.

“I hate this blouse!” Alicia sighed in frustration.

There was no way in hell Alicia would have her picture taken in dowdy clothes.

She lives with her parents, Edward and Alice, and a younger sister, Brittany in the suburban neighborhood in Silver Hills, California. Her older brother, Trent moved out just before Alicia started her sophomore year.

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