No Means No!
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Nikki Merrick from "No Means No!"

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Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
Published on April 1928
Published by Xilbris Publishing
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No Means No! is the seventh book in the series All About Us by Maryam Wells, which was published by Xilbris Publishing.

Nikki is featured on the book cover.


Nikki is is flying high after making a date with campus stud Devon McGregor, a cute senior she seen on campus. She's excited but nervous and asks the girls to come by her house that night to give her moral support. But things with Devon are going so well on the date that when Alicia and Sierra arrive, Nikki sends them away. Devon suggests going back to his house, to his basement. When they get there, they make out passionately on his couch. Devon reaches to unzip her dress, Nikki didn't like it, then he tries to lay her down to have sex, Nikki refuses which led to her fighting back and Devon hitting her, and him unbuckling his belt. Nikki finally punches Devon and rises from the couch, and runs out of the basement and out of the house. The next day at school the girls all want to hear about Nikki's date, but they are told by Kristy's mother, Principal Castelli, that Nikki's mother called in sick. Knowing something was up, the girls head to Nikki's house to see what's up. When Mrs. Merrick tells the girls that she's sick, the girls leave. Nikki skips school to avoid Devon, because she was too scared to face him, and worse she is avoiding her best friends.


Devon: You don't like me?

Nikki: Devon, when it comes to you, no girl will ever like you!

Kristy: You were drooling about him.

Nikki: For once, would you just shut the hell up, Castelli!

Nikki: OK, I'll tell you. But you can't tell a soul

Alicia: Relax. I keep a diary.

Nikki: During my date night with Devon, he tried to force me to have sex with him.

Alicia: That son of a bitch!.


Chapter 1

“No way, Devon McGregor?” Alicia Alcott asked Nikki Merrick as they, along with Sierra Jennings and Kristy Castelli. “I am so impressed!” “He’s a total senior hottie,” Sierra agreed.

“Nikki Merrick-McGregor. Ooh, I like the way that sounds,” Nikki sighed.

Nikki gushed about her mad crush on Devon McGregor since she first saw him playing basketball three nights ago, during the Silver Hills boys’ basketball game against Belmont High. Nikki drooled over how hot Devon looked with his wet hair and how toned his legs were. She was an awe of him.

“He is sooooo dreamy. Girls, he could be the one for me.”

Nikki opened up her school locker that was next to Alicia’s in the C-Building of the Silver Hills High School hallway. Nikki’s locker was decorated in Barbie pink zebra print paper, with fun, flirty decorations. Her locker was also next to Kristy’s, which was decorated in sporty locker decays.

“I thought Mario Santos was the one for me,” Sierra added. She was getting tired of Nikki gushing about Devon McGregor. Nikki loves talking about the hottest boys at their school; she was the gossiping, trendsetting, boy-crazy sophomore at school.

“No, Mario Santos got Lola Hernandez, she throws the hottest house parties at her house,” Nikki said, slamming her locker shut.

Then she spotted Devon at the courtyard.

“Girls. There he is. The sexiest senior in the universe.” Nikki’s blue-green eyes sparkled when she saw the hunk.

“Okay, here I go!”

Nikki strutted down the hallway and flipped her sexy, wavy blonde hair. She was wearing a blue zigzag print dress, with black heels. She was the hottest girl in school.

“Hi, there, handsome,” she said seductively.

“Hey,” Devon responded back.

He had dark-brown hair, bushy eyebrows, hazel eyes, and a buffed body. He had the body of a football player, which we was. He was captain of the Silver Hills High football team. Girls throw themselves at him, cheerleaders cheered for him.

Nikki wanted to beat the cheerleaders at getting Devon to herself.

“What’cha doing?” she asked.

Nikki’s eyes grew large when she asked the question. She feared that he’ll think of her as a freak.

“I’m heading to my locker in the D building.”

“Oh, OK.” Nikki laughed nervously.

As the two walked to the D building, Nikki noticed that where were a bunch of freaks in the D building. She got a bad vibe about the D Building. She heard rumors that someone had unprotected sex in the building.

“Not really comfortable being in this building, huh?” Devon asked.

“How do you deal with being in this building?” Nikki asked nervously. She was nervous about asking Devon out and being in a perverted place like the D building. There were so many students hanging out in the building, talking shit about whatever the hell they were talking about.

“So. I was wondering. Do jocks date cheerleaders?” Nikki asked.

Devon turned over his shoulder and looked at Nikki.

“Let me guess, you want to go out on a date with me?” Nikki was surprise that Devon figured out that Nikki was attempting to ask her out on a date.


The two smiled in a weird manner.

Nikki raced back to the C building to tell her girlfriends the good news that got her excited.

“Girls. I finally got a date with Devon McGreggor,” she said happily.

The girls screamed excitedly for Nikki. She finally got a date with the hottest senior in school.

The girls were long time best friends. They went to the same schools together. When one of the girls, Alicia Alcott first moved to Silver Hills from Sacramento. Alicia’s father, moved Alicia, her mother, Alice, older brother, Trent, and little sister, Brittany after accepting a job as an engineer at a engineering firm. Alicia’s mother is a telephone operator and a volunteer librarian for the Silver Hills Public Library. Older brother, Trent is currently a college student living an apartment and little sister Brittany is a fourth grader at Silver Hills Elementary. The family lived at 725 Crescent Street next door to Sierra’s house. Alicia’s style was much different from her friends. She combined her rocker and urban hip-hop styles together to make a hotter look that shows off her musical style. She was a singer and a dancer, with crazy earrings.

  Nikki didn’t come from a working class family like Alicia’s; she came from a wealthy family. Her father was a surgeon and her mother was a socialite and interior designer. Nikki grew up in a beautiful house across from Alicia’s house. She was more into fashion and boys. Growing up, Nikki wore cute and adorable dresses with mary-jane shoes to school. In middle school, she accessorized her school uniform with fashionable jewelry and trendy outerwear without ditching the uniform.

“Nikki. You’re so lucky to go on a date with the campus stud,” Alicia said.

“I know. I can’t stop gushing.”

The school bell ranged and the girls separately went to their period 4 classes. Alicia and Kristy had English Lit in Ms Gomez’s class in the bungalows, while Nikki and Sierra had History in the M building.

“Well, we got to deal with Mrs. Gomez. Later,” Kristy said dryly. She didn’t like dealing with Mrs. Gomez.

“Later girls,” Nikki gushed. She was still excited that she was going on a date.

As they were walking to the bungalows, Alicia and Kristy were talking their own boy trouble. Alicia and Kristy were single during their sophomore year.

“I’m really envious of Nikki,” Alicia admitted.

“Why?” Kristy asked.

“She gets a date with Devon McGreggor and I can’t even ask my bandmate out on a date.”

Alicia went through boy drama with a bandmate, whom Nikki formerly had a crush on, but pursued her.

A couple months ago, Nikki was flirting religiously around Alicia’s new bandmate and new guy, Ryan Frankel. He had sparkly blue eyes and soft lips, light-brown hair and came from a musical background. His older brother is in a band could TGIF (Tony, George, Ian, and Frank), not the best names for a amateur boy band.

During the time Nikki crushed on Ryan, he was more interested in Alicia. She was a singer and dancer with an eccentric style. Nikki was too flirty for his taste; Ryan just fell for the right girl. This almost ruined the longtime friendship between Alicia and Nikki, but they fixed things.

Alicia and Kristy arrived at Mrs. Gomez on time; Silver Hills High was on a tardy sweep lockout. That was the event Alicia finds annoying.

Other classmates entered the class, Amy Hunter and Allison Holmes, the snobbish cousins of Silver Hills High; and Ryan, he was Alicia’s bandmate.

He sat next to Alicia, Kristy was sitting behind her.

“Hey, silver eyes,” he greeted her, as he sat down.

Ryan nickname Alicia “Silver Eyes” because of her eye color. It was a mix of blue eyes and brown eyes together.

“Looking real good today,” Ryan smiled at Alicia.

Alicia was dressed in black and white spot tank top, a turquoise tooth necklace, and black combat boots, showing her hot rocker, urban style combination.

Ryan wore a blue and white plaid shirt with a white t-shirt, baggy black jeans, a grey hoodie, and dingy converse shoes.

He may look like a bad ass, but he was a bad ass with a heart of gold.

“Thanks,” Alicia blushed.

“Why are wear a hoodie, it’s nice outside?”

“Why are wearing that crazy necklace?” he asked.

“It gives me an edge?”

Kristy smiled. She knew Ryan likes her. Why else would he compliment her tooth necklace?

Kristy’s apparel was much different than Alicia’s. She was the tomboy with her blue burnout tee with dark blue denim shorts, a High-Voltage Box Chain Necklace, and black converse sneakers.

  “Hi, girls.” Amy walked up to both Alicia and Nikki as they were still sitting down at their desks.

Alicia and Kristy groaned when Amy approached to them.

They thought of her as a stuck-up bitchy princess. Amy thought of Alicia and Kristy as losers because they weren’t dressed like their friends Sierra and Kristy.

Kristy wanted to punch the bitchy out of Amy.

“Amy’s so fake,” Alicia whispered in Kristy’s ear.

“Damn right, babe,” Kristy agreed.

“All right, class,” Mrs. Gomez called out, attempting the science the class.

Mrs. Gomez wore a blue paisley blouse with jeans and heels. She looked trendy for a high school teacher. But so does Amy and Allison, the crazy cousins in school.

Alicia didn’t like to pay attention to English Lit. But, she was running a D in that course. Her last report card read A in Modern Dance, Two D’s in English Lit and Geometry A, and C in World History.

Kristy maintains her good grades status, mostly due to growing up with a mother who is the principal of the school.

Alicia needed a C in English Lit to pass the class.

Chapter 2

Nikki and Sierra were at their Geometry A class with Ms. Dye. Sierra was looking sweet, preppy, and girly today with her white lace cutout tee with black military style blazer, black jeggings, and black flats.


  • This is the first instance of attempted rape.
  • Author Maryam Wells wrote a disclaimer in the episode, reminding readers this episode may not be suitable for children.

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