Nikki vs. Devon surrounds the conflcit between Nikki Merrick and Devon MacGreggor began in the episode called No Means No! when Devon tried to date rape Nikki on their first date.  

Nikki vs. Devon
General Information
Intimacy Level Enemies, Assaulter/Victim
Conflict Started No Means No! 
Conflict Status Enemies 

Conflict HistoryEdit


  • Devon was supposed to be the love interest of Nikki Merrick, but turned out to be a creep.
  • Devon was the second character to harass Nikki, the first was Mr. Peck.
  • Devon tried to rape Nikki in his living room while his parents were out of town.
  • Nikki began to have nightmares about Devon trying to rape her and her wardrobe was affected by it.
  • Nikki's friend, Sierra Jennings try to have Devon kicked off the basketball team and school after finding out he tried to rape Nikki.

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