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The friendship between Nikki Merrick and Kristy Castelli began prior to both All About Us and All About Middle School series. 

Friendship HistoryEdit

Nikki and Kristy went to Silver Hills Elementary School where they met in Kindergarten. They were also friends with Alicia Alcott and Sierra Jennings.

In Behind the Dancer, Nikki had a huge crush on student, Matt Wright, to pursue him, she played matchmaker on Kristy and Matt's twin brother, Josh.


  • Nikki and Kristy are the perfect example of a Girly-Girl and Tomboy friendship.
  • They are good friends of Alicia Alcott and Sierra Jennings.
  • They went to Silver Hills Elementary, Silver Hills Middle School, and Silver Hills High School together.
  • Both dated their twin classmates, Matt and Josh Wright.
  • They both graduated in the Silver Hills High's Class of 2008.


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