The relationship between Nikki Merrick and Kevin Garrett started in Arc 2. They became acquainted with each other online through a dating online website. However, Nikki tried to end the attraction after finding out Kevin was deaf. After realizing that she was being an idiot over Kevin's disability, Nikki began learning sign-language in an attempt to win him back. Then the two began dating. They broke up after Kevin was removed from Silver Hills High and places in a School for the Hearing Impaired.

Relationship ProfileEdit


  • This storyline was created to show readers that Nikki Merrick isn't just a shallow person, but is a lot more respectful.
  • Kevin is from New York. Ironically, Nikki moves to New York to study fashion in Nikki in the City.
  • They had their first kiss at Kevin's house after Nikki used sign-language to communicate with him.

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