Mr. Meyers is a 7th grade History teacher at Silver Hills Middle School.


Mr. Meyers has blondish-brown hair, blue eyes, a tiny beer belly, 6'6, and a thin beard he grew in 2004.

Silver Hills Middle SchoolEdit

Mr. Meyers taught 7th grade History at Silver Hills Middle School. He had Alicia Alcott, Nikki Merrick, Sierra Jennings, and Kristy Castelli for 7th grade only.

In 2003, before she left her class for Nutrition, Alicia heard a student used unnessary profanity and offensive remarks to Mr. Meyers, she was scared and concerned for him.

Then Mr. Meyers was absent for two days when he had nonstop vomiting due to appendicitis. Before the end of 7th grade, Alicia had trouble getting the image of Mr. Meyers out of head. Alicia's friend, Nikki joked that she was falling for him.

His last appearence was at 8th grade graduation.