Lois Bromfield is a Canadian comedic actor, writer, and television producer with a long list of credits including Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, The Jackie Thomas Show and The New Hollywood Squares. She is also the creator of the TV version of All About Us (T.V. Series)

She was in a lavender marriage to comedian Steve Moore from 1980 to 1995, which ended after they both decided to publicly come out as gay.[2] Bromfield officially came out as lesbian in 1994 on The Arsenio Hall Show.[2]

She gained American citizenship in the 1990s, and has been living with her partner near Nürnburg, Germany, since 2009. She is the sister of Valri Bromfield and film director Rex Bromfield.


  • 1985: actor, "Sorority Girls from Hell" segment, Television Parts (NBC)[3]
  • 1991–1995: co-producer, writer, Roseanne (ABC)
  • 1996: consulting producer, The Drew Carey Show (ABC)
  • 1997: producer, writing supervisor, Grace Under Fire (ABC)
  • 1998: consulting producer, Brother's Keeper (ABC)
  • 2001–2002 – talk show executive co-producer (Citytv)
  • 2006: producing promotional shorts for At the Cineplex (HBO)