Last Day of School is the twenty-seventh book in the All About Middle School series. It is also the last book of the All About 7th Grade Arc.


It's the last day of school. Alicia has trouble getting her teacher, Mr. Meyers out of her head. Is she falling for her teacher? Meanwhile, there's romantic sparks between Trent and Will.

More InformationEdit

  • This was the last book in the 7th grade arc.
  • Author Maryam Wells revealed that Alicia's crush on Mr. Meyers was from her own crush on a male teacher in the 7th grade, and like Alicia, Maryam also denied it.



Chapter 1

Alicia Alcott had a hard time maintaining eye contact with her history teacher, Mr. Myers. Alicia didn’t know why she was being super shy towards him. He had been her history teacher throughout the entire seventh grade year at Silver Hills Middle School. Alicia hasn’t been shy towards a male teacher since her fourth grade year in elementary school, now it felt like déjà vu all over again.

She and the entire class were watching a movie called Braveheart starring Mel Gibson. Alicia recognized the movie; her mother watched it numerous times. Due to the movie being R-rated, Alicia wasn’t allowed to watch it. Watching the R-rated movie about people being butchered in a war became overwhelming to Alicia. No wonder her mother didn’t want her to see it. Alicia tried to get out of watching the movie by telling Mr. Myers that she truthfully didn’t want to see the movie, but Mr. Myers threatened to flunk her if she tried to ditch watching it. But, Alicia didn’t like Braveheart.