Kimberly Hayes
General Information
Gender Female
Age 40's (As of Today)
Hair Color Blondish-Brown
Eye Color Blue-Green
Birthday 1976
Occupation(s) Beauty Salon owner
Family & Friends
Family Lola (Daughter)
Relationships Nick Cortino (Ex-boyfriend)
Friends Liz Parker
Maria Santos
Tara Farrell
Other Information
Talent Fashion
Series Information
First appearance All About the 1990's

Kimberly Hayes is a 1994 graduate of Silver Hills High. She is a character from the series, All About the 1990's, where they are four girls dealing with teen issues and high school in the 90's decade.

Character ProfileEdit


In -, Kimberly was mentioned by her former friend, Maria Santos. She says to --, "Let me guess, you like this boy, but you're afraid it might drive a wedge between you and your best friend?" I know. When I was about your age, I hook up with a boy, but he was dating my best friend. In the end, she got hurt and stopped being friends with me. And I regretted that every day since then."


  • Kimberly strongly resembles characters Nikki Merrick, Brooke Madison, Lexie Winfield, and Annika Kurtz who were know for being the pretty and popular girls.
  • She and Maria Santos have been friends since 7th grade.
  • In the summer of 1993, Kimberly's then-boyfriend, Nick Cortino and then-best friend, Maria Santos had an summer fling while Kimberly was in Paris for a summer vacation.
  • Kimberly left Silver Hills in the summer of 1994 to attend Southern California University after she found out that Maria Santos was the one who Nick hooked up behind her back.
  • She is a fan of The Party, Wilson Phillips, and Mariah Carey.
  • She and Maria have been friends since seventh grade, they met in 1988.
  • Kimberly attended her cousin's graduation in 1987.
  • Kimberly's school locker is the same locker as future characters, Sierra Jennings, Caitlyn Haines, Julie Marshall, Kylie Ferguson, and Darcy Nichols.

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