The new installment of the Teens of Silver Hills franchise from the popular All About Us series. This series in different from the original series. It features seven teenagers in a pop group dealing with real-life issues in Silver Hills, California.


Twelve years after the original AAU Girls have graduated from high school, a new group of friends experience the trials and tribulations of life in Silver Hills. This time, it features seven teenagers, four girls and three boys. Silver Hills High alumni Kristy Castelli-Wright is still the teacher at the school.


  • Julie Marshall - She is captain of the girls' volleyball team with Katie and Beck. She has known Scott, Katie and Billy since Kindergarten. Julie's mom marries Scott's dad. She is also an aspiring actress.
  • Scott Barringer - He is the captain for Silver Hills High's basketball team. He is childhood best friends. He has dated both Katie and Brooke. He and Julie are step-siblings.
  • Katie Frankel - Katie is the show's "brain" or over-achiever. She is one of the smartest students in school and doesn't let anyone forget it either. She has a close friendship with Julie Marshall and has an on-again/off-again relationship with Scott. She resembled Sierra Jennings.
  • Brooke Madison - Brooke is the most popular girl at Silver Hills High. She is a cheerleader and a part-time model. She dated both Scott and Billy and had friction with Katie, her good friend. She resembles Nikki Merrick, a Silver Hills High alumni.
  • Beck Walker - Beck is the tomboy of the girls. She plays on the girls' volleyball team with Julie and Katie. She leaves Silver Hills after the end of her sophomore year. She resembled Kristy Castelli for being sporty.
  • Billy Simpson - He is the writer for the school newspaper with Katie. He, Julie, Scott, and Katie have known each other since Kindergarten. He resembles former student Logan Haines, another alumni of Silver Hills High.
  • Russy Talbot - He is a musician and plays basketball with Scott. He has a crush on Brooke Madison. He left the series and it was explained that he transferred to another school.
  • Noah and Alex Frazier - They both Irish twins, due to being born seven months apart in the same year, which is very rare. They transferred to Silver Hills High after Beck and Russy leave the series.

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  • Scott and Katie's on and off again relationship was much the focus of the series.
  • Brooke Madison's abortion was the biggest topic of the series about her decision to abort her pregnancy after sleeping with Scott (whom she was dating after his break-up with Katie.)
  • The battle between the kids and their evil principal was the top storyline in the series.
  • The funny storyline involved Julie and Scott becoming step-siblings after their single parents get married.
  • Katie's storylines involved taking painkillers after she injured her shoulder and she was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa.


  • This is the first series to feature boys as main characters, along with four females.
  • Katie Frankel is the only character in the series, to make her first appearance in the original series.
  • This is the first series to be a Teen Soap-Opera themed.
  • This is the only series to take place in the 2010's decade.

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