Veronica Powers

Julie Wilcox

Julie Wilcox is Silver Hills Middle School's very beautiful queen bee who bullies the AAU Girls. However, she turns out to be a nasty person who cheats at most anything and will stop at nothing to get her way. She once tried to turn classmate Nikki Merrick against her longtime friends. Some of Julie's friends are often rivals of the AAU girls or good friends. She is enemies with every AAU girl from their middle school days.

Grade 7Edit

Julie is introduced in the second arc of the All About Middle School novel series. She is her usual, mean self, full of regret for what she had done in the past, not ready to move on from it either. She ran against Sierra for 7th grade president. In this season, she shows no interest in J.T., but  that will soon change in the next season for unknown, mysterious reasons.

Grade 8Edit

Julie is still mean, but meaner this season. She discovers that her frenemy, Alicia Alcott, likes J.T., while Julie likes him, too. We also find out she is a nose picker. She tries everything she can to get any AAU Girl to back off. We especially see this in the episode Popularity.


  • Julie's personality is similar to Amy Hunter
  • Julie and Nikki both rivaled for popularity and boys.
  • Some of Julie's friends are friends with the AAU Girls, who are enemies with Julie.

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