Julie Marshall
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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 2007
Residence Unknown Place
Family Information
Marital Dating Noah Frazier
Parents Mrs. Marshall-Barringer (Mother)
Mr. Marshall (Father; Deceased)
Tad Barringer (Stepfather)
Sibling(s) Erica Marshall (Older Sister)
Scott Barringer (Step-brother)
Professional Information
Profession TV/Film Actress
Workplace Los Angeles
Character Information
First Appearance Just the Seven of Us
Last Appearance The Big Goodbye
Portrayed By Unknown Actress

Julianne "Julie" Marshall is a fictional character in the series, Just the Seven of Us. Julie is a responsible girl, born into a family in the shadow of her more glamorous and popular older sister, Erica, and faces the prospect of taking on Scott as a sibling from her mother's relationship with Scott's father.

Character ProfileEdit

Julie is a very talented actress and is a member of of the Silver Hills High Drama Department.


  • "Hey, Katie! I missed you so much! How was your summer in Palm Springs?" (First Line) - "Just the Seven of Us".
  • Katie: "What do you do when life hands you lemons?"
    Julie: "You throw them at Kelly Callahan!"
  • (To Noah) "Acting is my only escape."
  • (To Scott and Katie) "Oh my gosh, you guys are so intense! It's like high school drama 24/7!"
  • (to Brooke about Kelly Callahan): "Well, she sounds like a total B, with a side order of ITCH."
  • (To Katie) "Just because you kissed Scott on the lips, doesn't mean you have to stay with him forever!"
  • (To Katie) "Oh my god, Katie Frankel, you're ready to DO it?"
  • Brooke: "Kelly's shaking her ass at Scott."
    Julie: "What a fucking whore!"


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