Josh Wright is a fictional character in All About Us novel series. He and his twin brother Matt Wright were students at Silver Hills High and classmates of the four female main characters. Six minutes younger than his twin brother, Matt, Josh is more the shy twin, unlike hi more cool, popular brother. Like Matt, Josh's storylines involved dating two of the AAU girls, Kristy Castelli and Alicia Alcott. He also rivaled with Ryan Frankel over Alicia.

Josh Wright
Mav Carver

Josh Wright

Full Name Joshua Maxwell Wright
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1978
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Matt Wright (Twin Brother)
Relationships Kristy Castelli (Ex-Girlfriend)

Alicia Alcott (Kissed, Former Attraction)

School(s) Silver Hills High School
First Episode Behind the Dancer
Last Episode All About Graduation
Portrayed By Charlie Carver


  • Identical twin brother of Matt Wright

Appearance in Behind the DancerEdit

In the book episode, Behind the DancerSilver Hills High student, Nikki Merrick attempted to fix a date between Josh and her best friend, Kristy Castelli, so that she could date Josh's twin brother, Matt. When they finally went on a date to the movies then the Castelli's Pizza Shack. During the date, there was a spark between Josh and Kristy, but the date abruptly ended when the attraction between Nikki and Matt was played out.

Relationship with KristyEdit

Josh had a huge crush on classmate Kristy Castelli and wanted to go out with her. Also his twin-brother, Matt was pursued by Kristy's best friend, Nikki Merrick, the four went out to a movie and Castelli's Pizza Shack. Things fizzled between Nikki and Matt, but things blossomed between Josh and Kristy.

Crush on AliciaEdit

After he and Kristy broke up, Josh developed a crush on her friend, Alicia Alcott, the girl whom he and his brother, Matt once teased in the 9th grade. He was a fan of her songs and would come to her gigs. In Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas, he started hanging out with her when she dealing with her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend clingy on to him.

All About GraduationEdit

Josh graduated from Silver Hills High in the last episode, All About Graduation. Matt also graduated as well, along with the AAU Girls.


  • Josh is three minutes younger than his twin brother, Matt Wright.
  • He and Matt play on the boys' Varsity Basketball Team at Silver Hills High.
  • He once dated Kristy Castelli.
  • Josh is much the shy twin, while Matt is the outgoing one.
  • Josh admitted to Matt he had a crush on Alicia Alcott.
  • Both girls Josh crushed on didn't have divorced parents.
  • Josh was the first one to find out that Matt lost his virginity to Sierra Jennings.
  • Josh was interested in two AAU Girls: Alicia and Kristy. He dated Kristy and had a crush on Alicia.
  • He was a fan of skateboarding and a avid skateboarder.


  • (To Matt): "Girlfriends are temporary. But, Brothers are forever."
  • (To Alicia): "You're cute."