Vital statistics
Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
Published on April 1928
Published by Xilbris Publishing
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The Divorce Alicia Loves Ryan

Homecoming is the 15th book of the series, All About Us.


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Main PlotEdit

Nikki is still depressed over her parents' divorce. She has shut out every boy who wanted to go out with her and she just stay in her room. And worse, Nikki reveals that she isn't going to Homecoming game and the Homecoming Dance. The girls know that Homecoming Games and Dances are Nikki's favorite school activities other than shopping and checking out boys, but due to her depression, she backs out of Homecoming. Can the girls even convince Nikki to attend Homecoming and get her mind off her parents' surprising split?


Nikki's best friend, Frankie Lewis kisses Ryan, who is dating Alicia. As a favor to Alicia, Ryan agrees to help Frankie with asking a guy he likes to the Homecoming Dance. When Frankie accidently kisses Ryan when he said that he is cute, he is freaking out. Can Ryan convince Frankie that the kiss was an accident before they tell Alicia?

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