Spoilers from the All About Us episode, Give Your Uncle a Kiss.

Nikki's reputation is in jeopardy after an family friend of Sierra's makes an move on her.

AAU's popular blonde bombshell Nikki Merrick will fight to prove that Sierra Jennings' family friend is making an move on her.

The duo have been the close of friends for years due to their personalities, however, when Sierra's visiting uncle who happens to be an family friend of the Jennings for years, makes a move on Nikki, she is left shaken by this and tells Sierra.

Sierra is shocked an dismayed by this accusation and tells her that she was lying, due to the fact he is going through a divorce and would never flirt with an teenager. At the Jennings Family Picnic at the Silver Hills Park, Nikki and Kristy Castelli arrive for the festivities and as Nikki is picking food, Sierra's uncle approaches her and apologizes to her about what he did and wanted to make amends. When Nikki agrees, they shake hands, only for him to kiss her by force. Horrified, Nikki pushes him off and slaps him.

When Sierra, her family, and Kristy hear the commotion, they rush to see what is up. Sierra's uncle makes up an excuse saying that he was trying to befriend Nikki and she hit him, When she tries to explain that he made a move on her, everybody, including Sierra, turns on her, leaving Nikki hurt and frustrated. Will Sierra's uncle's true colors be exposed?

AAU's episode Give Your Uncle a Kiss will soon hit bookstores nationwide.

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