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Alicia from Flawed Logic.

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Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
Published on April 1928
Published by Arthur's
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Flawed Logic is the third book in the series All About Us by Maryam Wells from Xilbris Publishing.

Alicia and Nikki are featured on the book cover, since the story covers them.


The girls are all together watching Kristy's basketball practice. They all tell Alicia she ought to pursue her passion for singing the same way that Kristy does it with basketball. Sierra gets a tape of Alicia singing and gives it to Sean, the manager of EMG Records. The next day in the cafeteria Sierra tells Alicia she has a singing gig tomorrow at a birthday. The girls go all out to help Alicia--Sierra does the publicity, Nikki handles the makeup and wardrobe, Kristy gets her cousin Steven to promise to bring lots of friends, and they recruit schoolmate Lucas to work the sound system. The night of the performance, The Loft is packed. Sean introduces Alicia. She takes the stage--and is overcome by fear.

The next we see, her girlfriends are trying to talk Alicia out of the dressing room two hours after she ran offstage. The next day at school, Alicia looks different, like a librarian, maybe. She says last night was good for her; it taught her she wasn't cut out for singing and instead she will concentrate on writing about music. She turns in an article for the school newspaper which is highly praised by everyone who reads it, but she's not happy with just writing about music. Later, when Alicia is not at Kristy's big game, Sierra goes looking for her and finds her on her fire escape. Alicia tells Sierra she "fired herself" from the writing job and that she can't find her true passion. Sierra tells her she'll have to provide her own answer for that. When they get back to the gym, the game is over and Kristy is practicing free throws. She tells her friends she lost the game for her team when she missed a last-minute foul shot. Alicia takes heart at how well Kristy is handling such a potentially devastating personal defeat.

Later, the girls gather again at Castelli's Pizza Shack. Alicia gives Mr. Castelli a tape and asks him to play it. Then, without introduction, she gets up on-stage and begins to sing, doing a great job of it



Chapter 1

   On a warm, dry Saturday afternoon in Silver Hills, California, Alicia Alcott enjoyed swimming at Nikki Merrick’s sparkly blue pool, while Nikki was sitting at the chaise lounge reading Cosmo Girl magazine.

“Thanks for letting me swim at your pool,” Alicia smiled as she got out of the pool. She was wearing a black and white Geo print bikini she bought at Lulu’s.

“No prob. You’re my friend and I love you. Mi pool es su pool.”

“Mi pool es su pool?” Alicia asked.

“I don’t know what Spanish for pool, so sue me!”

Nikki flipped through pages of Cosmo Girl while Alicia made an annoyed look on her face.

Alicia’s light-brown hair looked wavy and soaking wet from swimming.

“Here we are, at your pool. Where I’m taking a dip in the pool and you’re on your ass in the chaise lounge reading a issue of Hilary Duff from like, two months ago.”

“It’s all I could find, Hello!”

Alicia cranked up the volume to the Backstreet Boys hit song, I Want it That Way. Alicia loved that song since she was nine. It was 1999 when that song came out. Alicia started listening to it one year later, as she approached her preteen years. She was blossoming into a teenager before she started 6th grade. She got her first bra in the fourth grade, started her first period in the fifth grade, and couldn’t stop staring at a actor’s six pack abs in the sixth grade.

Most girls around start blossoming at 13, but Alicia was the first in her family to blossom before turning 13.

“Al?” Nikki placed her magazine down on the chaise table, to tell something on her mind to Alicia.

“I’m still trying to get Ryan Frankel to go on a date with me, but I think he’s playing hard to get.”

Alicia’s stomach was in a knot and her brain was playing flashbacks.

Just last week, Ryan Frankel, the new guy at Silver Hills High School, had joined Alicia’s band, D-Squared as the new bass player. He was also a new classmate of Alicia and Nikki. Nikki developed an attraction towards him, because he was gorgeous with his light-brown hair and sparkly blue eye that sort of matches Nikki’s blue-green eyes.

Two months into his new school life at SHH (Silver Hills High), he spent much time practicing singing with Alicia and became attracted towards her.

In an attempt to help Nikki win her date with the hunky new guy in D-Squared, Alicia decides to take the initiative and set Nikki and Ryan up an a blind date set up by Alicia Alcott, Silver Hills’ worst matchmaker.

   “Nik, you need to expand your horizons more. Just get into things he likes.”

“I don’t know, Al.”

“Nikki. You’re the type a girl who isn’t scared about… anything!”

“Okay. What should I do?”

At Alicia’s bedroom closet, she and Nikki laid out Alicia’s favorite faux-leather pyramid studded jacket


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