Dylan Meade is a fictional character in the series, Nikki Merrick 24/7. He is the only son of Nikki Merrick.

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Meade has twin half siblings, Taylor and Jessica from his mother's marriage to Jeff Kennedy. He also has a twin sister, Hannah.

Dylan has been in a relationship with Caitlyn Haines.


  • Dylan appeared in Nikki Merrick 24/7, The Haines Family Values, and The Caitlyn Diaries
  • Dylan and his sister were born in New York City.
  • He shares some similarities with Ryan Frankel:
    • Both had blue eyes.
    • Both have a conflict with a parent over their girlfriends. Ryan clashed with his mother about his relationship with Alicia and Dylan clashed with his father over going to college to be with Caitlyn.
    • Both were involved with the girl from California. Ryan with Alicia and Dylan with Caitlyn.
    • Both are good-looking.
    • Both had made out at parties. Ryan made out with Alicia at a baby shower and Dylan made out with Caitlyn at a bridal shower.
    • Both pursued a passion their parents didn't approve.
  • He is currently enrolled at CULA along with Caitlyn Haines.
  • Dylan and Hannah are the third set of twins in the series. The first were the Wright brothers, Matt and Josh and the second were Taylor and Jessica.
  • He believes him and Caitlyn are soul mates.
  • Dylan applied to two colleges in The Meade Twins.
    • He applied to NYU, his father's alum matter.
    • He applied to CULA, where Caitlyn Haines got accepted to.

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