Devon MacGreggor was a former student at Silver Hills High School. He only appeared in one episode of AAU, No Means No!. Devon later on attempted to rape Nikki Merrick when they were on a date at his house, then Nikki discovered that he sexually assaulted two girls, resulting in his arrest in front of the entire school, he has been sentenced to prison for two years. It was revealed that he was later taken to trial where he are found guilty of one account of sexual assault and two account of attempted sexual assault. He was also expelled from Silver Hills High.

Character ProfileEdit

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List of Date-Rape VictimsEdit

In No Means No!, it was revealed that Devon has a list of female students were or almost date-raped by him.


  • Devon only appeared in one episode.
  • He was a senior before getting arrested for sexually assaulting three girls.
  • He received three years in jail for sexually assaulting three girls.
  • It was revealed in No Means No! that Devon sexually assaulted three girls.
  • Devon almost date-raped Nikki Merrick and Jenny Garrison in different locations.
    • Devon almost date-raped Nikki at his house, while he date-raped Jenny in his car.
  • Devon only fully date-raped student Darcy Munroe, as it was revealed in No Means No!

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