This page highlights the differences between All About Us character, Nikki Merrick and Just the Seven of Us character, Brooke Madison.


  • Both were popular in school.
  • Both were victims of sexual assault.
    • Nikki was almost date-raped and Brooke was sexually harassed.
  • Both had a romantic interest in jocks.
  • Both had a rivalry with an "Overachiever".
  • Both their last names began with the letter "M".


Nikki Merrick Brooke Madison
Lived in a modern house in wealthy side of Silver Hills. Lived in a apartment on the second floor from Jenna Marshall.
She is a blue-eyed blonde. She is a brown-eyed brunette.
She was almost date-raped by a football player. She was sexually harassed by a teacher.
She had an attraction towards Matt Wright, but never had a relationship with him. She had an relationship with Scott Barringer.
Nikki's parents divorce when she was in high school. Brooke's parents split up with Brooke was five.
She moved to New York to attend fashion school and marry her new love interest. She moved to Milan to pursue her modeling career.

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