This page highlights the differences between Brooke McQueen from the TV series, Popular and Lexie Winfield from the novel series, The Stepsisters from Silver Hills.


  • They both cheerleaders.
  • They're both stepsisters of unpopular girls.
  • Both have half-sisters.
  • They're both popular.
  • Both of their parents were divorced.


Brooke McQueen Lexie Winfield
Was raised by her father. Was raised by her mother.
She attended Kennedy High. She attended Silver Hills High.
She struggled with both bulimia and unresolved grief over her mother's abandonment. She struggled with her new life after her mother's wedding to Kristen Barrett's father and her rape from Mr. Rollins.
Brooke is a only child Lexie has an older sister, Katherine.
She has blue-green eyes She has brown eyes.

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