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Caitlyn Haines is the third child and only daughter of Sierra Jennings and Logan Haines. She is the fictional character in two series, All About Us: 30 & Hot and The Haines Family Values. She was born after the events of Sierra & Kristy. She is based in part on Alicia Alcott from the original AAU series. Caitlyn is a young woman who grew up with a passion for writing. She lives in Silver Hills. She is best friends with Jessica Hartman and Lexie Winfield.

Character ProfileEdit

Caitlyn Rose Haines is the youngest and only daughter of the Haines siblings. She relates very closely with her mother, especially after the first season. She does not share many interests with her brothers or father, and in the early seasons was often the victim due to her naiveté of some cruel joke that Mike and Aaron had thought up on the spot for her. Caitlyn is not a troublemaker, as she doesn't possess a joking demeanor or even a hint of a mean streak. On the rare occasions that Mike or Aaron include her on pranks, Caitlyn often blows their cover by responding to someone when he is not supposed to or divulging too much information. This divulging of information not only gets Mike and Aaron in trouble, but often her father, Logan as well, especially when she is trying to keep something she said or did from Sierra. During adolescence, Caitlyn began to adopt a more girly/rocker look after she began her passion for music. Also, Caitlyn developed bullimia. When her bullimia goes too far, Caitlyn is caught vomiting by her parents and is confronted by them. Caitlyn's eating disorder was gone by the end of the series. Caitlyn enjoys film production and music, arts and crafts and fashion.

Caitlyn's relationship with Mike and Aaron was often adversarial, especially in early seasons as he was often the butt of their jokes, pranks and teasing, but she got back at them by insulting their immature behavior. While Caitlyn always bugged Aaron, in the final season Caitlyn targeted Mike as the result of the dynamic of their relationship changing when Aaron left for Costa Rica. Caitlyn and Mike got accepted to other school in the series finale: Mike got accepted to NYU (to be with girlfriend, Hannah Meade) and Caitlyn attended CULA, her mother's alum matter.

The Haines Family ValuesEdit

Caitlyn was introduced in first episode of The Haines Family Values as the third and only daughter of lawyer Sierra Jennings-Haines and newspaper reporter Logan Haines. She is the younger sister of soccer player Michael and school's brain Aaron.

The Caitlyn DiariesEdit

Taking place at CULA, Caitlyn, now a freshman, moves into the dorms


  • She is the third child and only daughter of Logan Haines and Sierra Jennings-Haines.
  • She is the younger sister of Michael and Aaron Haines.
  • She is the niece of Trent Alcott and Will Jennings-Alcott, Leslie Jennings, Brittany Alcott, and Alicia Alcott.
  • Became an Aunt when her older brother, Aaron Haines, and his girlfriend had their first baby, a girl, named Emily.
  • Caitlyn shares a number of similarities with her godmother, Alicia Alcott:
    • Both are dancers.
    • Both had an on-again/off-again relationships with their love interests.
    • Both were raised in middle-class families.
    • Both come from big families.
    • Both were graduates of Silver Hills High.
    • Both of their older brothers have gotten married.
      • Alicia's older brother, Trent married Will Jennings (Caitlyn's aunt) and Caitlyn's older brother Michael married Hannah Meade (Caitlyn's former nemesis).
    • Both have brown hair and brown eyes.
    • Both have a boy-crazy best friend.
    • Both had eating disorders.
      • Alicia had Binge Eating Disorder and Caitlyn had bulimia.
    • Both had a conflict with their mothers.
    • Both had crushes on their teachers.
    • Both were considered female leads in their eras.
    • Both are fans of "Star Trek" shows.
    • Both were in abusive relationships.
  • Caitlyn is a fan of Alicia's music.
  • She reads Poise magazine.
  • Caitlyn is the only daughter of Sierra and Logan Haines.
  • She is considered the female lead in her era.
  • She is best friends with Gia McNeil.
  • She had a dislike with Hannah Meade, but became civil to her.
  • She is one of the five characters of the All About Us franchise to be a main character of her own book series.
  • Caitlyn, along with Alicia Alcott and Frankie Lewis dated abusive men.
    • Caitlyn's date from her school hit her on their first date..
    • Alicia's ex-boyfriend hit her during their only relationship.
    • Frankie's ex-boyfriend beat him up during their on-again/off-again relationship.
  • Caitlyn is a gifted writer, which is revealed in The Caitlyn Diaries.
  • In Caitlyn Turns 18!, it is revealed that she got accepted to CULA.
  • She is the fourth character in the franchise to have a crush on a teacher. The first was Alicia, the second was Nikki, and the third was Kristy.
  • Caitlyn was the second character who caught her mother kissing another man, the first was Kristy.
  • Caitlyn, Alicia, and Nikki became famous after high school:
    • Caitlyn became a writer and has written a slew of teen novels and she is a beauty writer for Poise magazine.
    • Alicia became a top recording artist after being signed to Smash Records. "Lets Go" became Alicia's top hit single to date.
    • Nikki became a fashion designer after graduating from fashion college in New York and modeling and marrying the heir of a publishing tycoon.

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