The relationship between Bianca Watkins (later Bianca Morris) and Connor Morris.

Friendship ProfileEdit

Relationship ProfileEdit



  • Connor is friends with Bianca's bandmates/best friends Leti Mendez, Tori Sullivan, and Ellie Morgan.
  • They both graduated from Silver Hills High in the episode Graduation on the Scene.
  • They are both fans of singer, Alicia Alcott.
    • Coincidentally, Bianca shares a lot of similarities to Alicia.
  • They both had their first kiss in the seventh grade.
  • Bianca is the only woman that Connor has lost his virginity to.
  • They attended Silver Hills High together in the entire Scene 3 series.
  • They eloped in Los Vegas in the episode, Marriage on the Scene.
  • This relationship is similar to that of All About Us couple, Alicia Alcott and Ryan Frankel.
  • Bianca's parents learned of the marriage and demanded that they divorce.
  • They got together at the end of their sophomore year.
  • Connor dated Bianca's former bandmate Tori Sullivan way before he and Bianca got together.
  • Connor developed feelings for Bianca, while dating Tori.
  • They disliked Kelly Callahan.

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