Bianca Morris
[[|Scene 3 characterpx]]
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 1997
Residence Unknown Apartment
Title(s) B (Everyone)
Mrs. Morris
Family Information
Marital Married to Connor Morris
Romances Connor Morris (Husband)
Jayden Stone (Ex-Boyfriend)
Children Imogen Morris (Daughter)
Jamie Morris (Son)
Parents Mr. Watkins (Father)
Mrs. Watkins (Mother)
Sibling(s) Nathan Watkins (Litle brother)
Professional Information
Profession Singer
High School student
Character Information
First Appearance Scene 3
Seasons 5 Arcs

Bianca Morris (nee Watkins) is one of the main characters in the series series, Scene 3. Along with Leti and Tori, Bianca was a member of a girl group, Scene 3.

Although her main storyline is making it as an singer with her friends, Bianca's other storylines is father's affair, her parents' divorce, her mother's relationship with her teacher, her relationships with Jayden Stone and Connor Morris, an pregnancy scare she had with Connor, and marrying Connor while in high school.


Bianca Watkins is an mixed-raced teenager dealing with being the child of an interracial marriage. Her mother is white and her father is black.



Bianca has dark brown curly hair, light-brown skin, and brown eyes.


  • Bianca shares many similarities with Alicia Alcott.
    • They both had a passion for music.
    • They both pursued their dreams of being famous singers, against their parents' wishes.
    • They both had a group of friends.
    • They had relationship troubles.
    • They are both mixed race.
  • Bianca's past boyfriends included, Jayden, Connor,
  • Like AAU character, Nikki Merrick, Bianca was involved in an storyline about her parents' divorce.
  • Bianca was crushed on by Connor since middle school and they actually kissed in The Tour
  • Like her teacher, Kristy Castelli and Silver Hills High graduate, Katie Frankel, Bianca had an pregnancy scare.
  • Bianca is the first character in the Teens of Silver Hills franchise to get married before graduating from High School.
  • She is considered the female lead protagonist in the Scene 3 series.

See AlsoEdit

  • Bianca and Connor, the relationship between Bianca Watkins and Connor Morris.
Scene 3
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