Behind the Music

Alicia from Behind the Dancer.

Vital statistics
Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
Published on April 1928
Published by Xilbris Publishing
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Holey, Mole-y The Making of...

Behind the Music is the ninth book of the All About Us by Maryam Wells. It is published by Xilbris Publishing.

Alicia is featured on the book cover.

Alicia from Behind the Dancer.


Main Plot

Alicia is the top dancer in her modern dance class. But faces competition with rival dancer, Amy Lee, the second best dancer in Modern Dance.  

Later, Amy tells Alicia that the class is going to learn dance steps from a famous choregrapher. Then Amy starts to critize Alicia's figure. That made Alicia feel inecure with her body so she decides to go on a crash diet. 


Sub PlotEdit

Nikki Merrick develops a crush on a cute classmate, Matt Wright. When she gets the courage to ask him out, she learns that he only likes to do things with his twin brother, Josh. So Nikki decides to play matchmaker on Josh and her best friend, Kristy.


Chapter 1

Alicia Alcott was changing into her dance clothes for Modern Dance class, which she has for first period. It was a cold Monday morning in Silver Hills, California, about 58 degrees. Alicia wore her black wool sweater along with her pink plaid newsboy cap she borrowed from her best friend Nikki Merrick. As Alicia was still changing into her dance outfit, she noticed her other best friend, Sierra Jennings coming by.

“Hey, girlfriend!” Sierra greeted her, placing her “For the Environment” tote down on the dirty locker room floor. Sierra twists and turned the knob of her locker until she opened it.

“Hey, Si. Nice Tote.”

“Thanks, I got this over the weekend, when my mom and I went grocery shopping.”

After opening her locker, Sierra unbuttoned her light blue blouse, revealing her white camisole. Alicia noticed that Sierra’s breast size remained a B-size since their middle school days, like she hadn’t gained a cup-size in over two years. Alicia’s own breast went from a B-cup to a C-cup since she started freshman year at Silver Hills High. Alicia was known for letting her mind get the better of her.

“The only thing I got from the grocery store was an issue of Teen Vogue… and a bag of onion ring chips.”

As the girls changed for first period, a girl named Amy Hunter came by and opened up her locker. She was also changing for first period.

“Ugh, Amy Hunter,” Alicia groaned. Amy was Alicia’s classmate in Modern Dance and Sierra’s classmate in English Lit. Amy was also a cheerleader on the Silver Hills High varsity cheering squad, known as the Mighty Dragonettes. She was the most popular girl in school. She always ridiculed Sierra and Alicia and her other friends on their fashion and personalities.

“Hey, Alicia,” Amy said, catching Alicia’s attention.

“What Amy?” Alicia grimaced. She couldn’t stand Amy as much as Sierra.

“Terrence Franklin’s gonna be teaching us awesome dances.” Alicia knew who Terrence Franklin was, but not Sierra. She wasn’t in Alicia’s dance class; she just had regular P.E. in the same period as Alicia.

Alicia knew who Terrence Franklin was. He was the hottest choreographer on Dance TV. He choreographed pop stars such as Meredith Edwards, The Hunter Sisters, and the Slumber Party Girls. Alicia hoped that she will impress Terrence. Dancing for the hottest choreographer from Dance TV was a very big deal for her.

“Really?” She asked excitedly. “Yup, he’ll be showing up some dance moves he choreographed in Spring Break Musical back a long time ago.”

“I remember that movie,” said Sierra. “Didn’t that movie bombed at the box office?”

“Story of my life… or theirs,” Amy sighed.

Sierra tied her light-brown hair in a tight ponytail and put on her gym clothes. Her gym shirt was grey and gym shorts were burgundy, representing Silver Hills High’s mascot colors.

While, Amy was giving Alicia a hard time about being the best dancer in their modern dance class. Both girls were the best dancers in their class, but Amy wanted attention from Terrence, while Alicia was a serious dancer and was committed to it, and singing. Alicia took off her purple and black leather jacket, along with her pink paint splatter print tee, and black and white tribal print leggings.


  • This book episode deals with one topic: Eating Disorders.
  • This is the first appearence of twin brothers Matt and Josh Wright.
  • This episode was originally titled "Behind the Dancer". Still, the episode had paragraphs where Alicia is dancing.

Outfits from this episodeEdit

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