AAU tv poster 2001

All About Us is an American teen comedy-drama series that aired on NBC during the station's TNBC lineup from August 4, 2001 to November 10, 2001. It was produced by Peter Engel Productions.


The series focuses on the development of four teenage girls who live and attend high school in Chicago. In the show, the girls' divergent talents, perspectives, and family experiences become the platform for illustrating alternative approaches to understanding and solving problems. It was the first TNBC series shot on videotape that did have the use of laughing track. The show was later canceled after one season.



Episode # Episode title Original airdate
1 "Truth or Dare" August 4, 2001
2 "The Grass Is Always Pinker" August 11, 2001
3 "Flawed Logic" August 18, 2001
4 "Sweet Little Lies" August 25, 2001
5 "No Questions Asked" September 1, 2001
6 "Sierra Meets Her Match" September 22, 2001
7 "No Means No" September 29, 2001
8 "First Snow" October 6, 2001
9 "Basic Black" October 13, 2001
10 "The Scare" October 20, 2001
11 "Behind the Music" October 27, 2001
12 "The Making of..." November 3, 2001
13 "New Girl in Town" November 10, 2001


Every episodes of All About Us were novelized and published in book form by Xlibris Publishing. The series also featured new original stories based on the show, which were written by the same author, Maryam Wells. In the newer version of All About Us, Alecia and Niki's names was changed to Alicia and Nikki and Cristina Castelli, known as Castelli goes by Kristy. Instead of living in Chicago, like the girls did in the TV series, the girls live in a fictional suburban town in California called Silver Hills.

  • Despite the lack of success for the television series, the books are more successful towards children and pre-teens.
    • All About Us - Based on Truth or Dare episode.
    • Weekend at Alicia's House - Based on The Grass is Always Pinker episode.
    • Flawed Logic - Based on the same name as the episode.
    • Sweet Little Lies - Based on the same name as the episode.
    • Under 21 - Based on No Question Asked episoode.
    • Sierra Meets Her Match - Based on the same name as the episode.
    • No Means No! - Based the same name as the episode.
    • First Rain - Based on First Snow episode.
    • Holey, Mole-y - Based on The Scare episode.
    • Behind the Dancer - Based on Behind the Music episode.
    • The Making of... - Based on the same name as the episode.
    • New Girl in Town -  Based on the same name as the episode.