All About Us (Arc 4)
Season 4
Episodes 12
Aired from September 6th 2010 - May 18th 2010
Premiere Senior Beginnings
Finale All About Graduation
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Magna Arc
This is the fourth and final arc of All About Us, showing the AAU girls starting senior year.


Following the earthquake that damaged half of Silver Hills, the girls go through changes as senior year began, Alicia and Ryan are now on good terms, but haven't gotten back together, meanwhile, Alicia is being crushed on by shy jock, Josh Wright; Nikki Merrick has recovered from her injures she sustained from the Earthquake and she and her mother has moved into a condo. However, her friendship with Sierra is on the rocks, as Sierra's brokenhearted ex-boyfriend, Logan Haines clings to Nikki for comfort and the two share a kiss. Outraged by the Nikki-Logan kiss, Sierra refuses to speak to her. Kristy deals with her mother, leaving her job as principal as Kristy and her friends prepare for graduation. Also, Alicia and her older brother, Trent announce their future plans that shocks their parents. Trent reveals that he and his girlfriend, Will Jennings, Sierra's older sister are getting married and Alicia is bypassing college to pursue a career in the music industry. Nikki prepares to move to New York to attend fashion school; Sierra and Kristy announce that they are staying in Silver Hills to attend junior college. As the girls and their friends graduate high school, they said their goodbyes to two of their friends as they embark on their journeys, leaving them behind.


  • This arc takes places several months after the Earthquake.
  • This is the last arc of the All About Us series.
  • Each character has revealed their post-high school plans.
    • Sierra and Kristy will be staying in Silver Hills to attend community college with Matt, Josh, Logan, and Frankie.
    • Amy and Allison's plans are unknown.
    • Nikki will be moving to New York to study visual communications at fashion college.
    • Alicia will be going on tour with her cousins.
    • Ryan will be following Alicia to L.A. and attend Los Angeles School of Recording Arts.
  • Trent and Will will be engaged.
  • Ryan will have a new girlfriend.
  • Alicia will be crushed on by one of the Wright twins.
  • There will be a conflict between Sierra and Nikki.

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