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Girls love the AAU Girls' completely original sense of style. This 48-page book is jam-packed with photos and step-by-step instructions on how to re-create the girls' cool outfits and amazing hairstyles, with behind-the-scenes info from the show's stylist! Plus an awesome 8-page full-color photo insert!

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The only thing more surprising than the scary awesomeness of All About Us’ plot is the scary awesomeness of All About Us’ fashion. When I’m asked what my favorite shows to write about are, All About Us is often atop my list. The unexpected clothes from All About Us makes it one of the most exciting shows to watch from a fashion point of view.

Named one of TV’s most stylish casts and most fashionable shows of all time, All About Us style captures the personalities of Alicia, Sierra, Nikki and Kristy.

Alicia’s all about us style is largely influenced by AAU wardrobe designer Olivia Miles who began her career designing wardrobes for music videos. Alicia, like Olivia, often takes clothing and transforms it, sewing various pieces of different items together. Alicia’s homecoming dress incorporated pieces from Bebe, H&M and vintage dresses. Alicia’s All About Us style often incorporates California casual with an urban style. Alicia’s rock and roll style often includes ripped jeans and distressed sweaters, though she often wears statement pieces designer Mandi Line finds at LA’s Wasteland.

By contrast, Nikki Merrick AAU fashion is more girly and mainstream. Nikki’s style includes frilly dresses and crystal encrusted tees. Nikki is the most trendy of the four All About Us fashion and often wears body revealing dresses. Nikki’s clothes are often from department stores and include brands like Joie, Amanda Uprichard and Parker. Nikki also often wears designer jeans like 7 For All Mankind. She wears shoes from Steve Madden or Aldo. When she is relaxing, Nikki is often in pajama pants and tank tops and hoodie sweatshirts.

Sierra’s AAU style would be best described at retro preppy, pairing intarsia sweaters with colored jeans, and riding boots. Sierra is the studious of the AAU and often her fashion is the most refined. As Sierra finds her independence, her style has evolved, incorporating retro-inspired jackets and vintage boots into her AAU style. Some of Sierra’s most memorable looks include plaid shirts, and trench coats. Sierra often wears fedoras or other hats, and layers sweaters over oxford shirts. Sierra’s AAU style is often influenced by vintage looking pieces and her style is easily replicable at Urban Outfitters and ModCloth online.

The least fashionable of the four AAU is Kristy Castelli, the jock. Kristy wears primarily American Apparel tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jeans and Converse gym shoes.

You can find the past seasons of All About Us outfits, Alicia’s fashion Nikki’s style, Sierra’s outfits and Kristy’s clothes, along with all the clothes from All About Us.




Alicia’s Rocker/Urban Combo Style

Nikki’s Fun & Flirty Style

Sierra’s Classic & Sophisticated Style

Kristy’s Cute & Sporty Style

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Once upon a time in a small Californian town called Silver Hills, not too far away from Los Angeles, there lived four beautiful teenage girls, who were all best friends.

Alicia Alcott was an aspiring singer and dancer who wanted to be a famous popstar.

Nikki Merrick was a superficial rich girl with an obsession of fashion and boys.

Sierra Jennings was a serious and studious bookworm and an activist.

And last, Kristy Castelli was a tomboyish feminist who is close with her family, who owns a restaurant. Her father works in the restaurant while her mother is the principal at her school.

Alicia has light-brown hair, Nikki was a blonde, Sierra had reddish-brown hair, and Kristy was just a brunette, but all four girls had one thing in common: They have amazing style!

Chapter 1

Alicia’s Rocker/Urban Combo Style

Meet Alicia Alcott. She is a 15-year-old veteran California girl with a crazy rocker style. She loves to sing and dance on stage and in her bedroom. But, she also loves clothes. When she was starting middle school in September 2001, days before 9/11, she was going through a fashion crisis; she had all of her old clothes from what she wore in her elementary school days. She was going through a difficult stage in her life; she was entering a different school where you don’t were little kids’ clothes anymore. Alicia didn’t want to be known as the only sixth grader wearing “Fashions from fourth grade hell.” Pardon the H word.

 She still can recall her fashion dilemma, every time when it’s back-to-school week.

She had gone through enough fashion dilemmas every day before school or a social event. That’s why she’s got her trusty bestie, Nikki Merrick! She lives for fashion (and boys).

At the beginning of seventh grade, all of Alicia’s clothes from elementary school were given away to either charity, her cousins (who are still in elementary school), or worse… her little sister, Lily. Her mother, Alice, thought that Alicia was getting too old to be wearing her clothes, even if they still fit her.

During her high school career, she was also an aspiring singer. Nikki always helps Alicia look my best when she was singing or dancing on stage.

Unlike Nikki, Alicia was on the rocker side. She liked to dress up in tribal or geometric print outfits with her motorcycle jacket with edgy pyramid studs and black accessories with studs. She also likes to wear urban chic outfits, along with her edgy outerwear and accessories.

She can also tone down her rocker look in exchange for urban look.

Alicia is known for having to change hairstyles in the series. She had light-brown, super-curly hair, but changed it to dark brown with light-brown highlights, but still kept the curls. She went to school dances, formals, parties, and dates with different hairstyles: The up-do’s etc.

She also had different hairstyles during the school days: The messy curls, modern curls.


Alicia's Closet -- Items from Alicia's closet: Tops & Blouses, bottoms, and dresses.

Alicia's top looks from the book episodes.

Alicia's Hairstyles & Make-up.

Chapter 2

Nikki’s Style

Meet Nikki Merrick, Silver Hills’ superficial rich girl. She’s also 15, with a style that rivals’ her three best friends. Nikki’s style is more “Girly” because of her obsession with fashion. She is the trendiest girl of the group, with her sense of style and a love of pink.

Her favorite fashion icons are Carrie Bradshaw and Elle Woods. Nikki had lots of memorable outfits described in the All About Us series. And she has lots of jewelry, bags, hats, any accessories you can think of.

She always carries a bag of make-up whenever she was on the go and needed a touch-up.

Nikki’s most memorable outfit was the “Finals Week” outfit from Final Hell, an episode of the All About Us series, when Nikki, a senior at Silver Hills High, was studying for finals week, she wore a mustard top, floral-print pants, brown-heel sandals from Lauren Conrad, and her hairstyle was curly.

Her other memorable outfit was the neon-pink jacket with a black tank, black skinny jeans, and black booties. The neon-pink jacket was just a pop of color to a black outfit. Nikki has the personality of a "spoiled rich girl", but she is an trendsetter.


Chapter 3


Sierra’s style

Sierra Jennings is your everyday uptight, serious, and studious straight-A student. She is very hard-working and conservative. But that doesn’t mean she despises fashion. She tends to wear a pink buttoned blouse with a black vest and a black fedora so that her style is mixed with trendy and preppy.

Sierra’s style of sophistication comes from her background. Her mother is an attorney and her father is a journalist, just like Sierra. They are from the uber-conservative style district. Sometimes Sierra dresses in casual style just like her friend, Alicia.

Sierra’s hairstyles change just like Alicia’s. From the beginning of the AAU series, she was described to have short, curly hair, short, straight hair, shoulder-length hair, curly, shoulder-length hair, then long, curly hair, and long straight hair. Sierra’s hairstyles are sometimes short or long and curly or straight.

Sierra does wear makeup, but it isn’t always stylish like her friend, Nikki nor bold like her other friend, Alicia, her makeup style is always natural with a bold of lipstick to go with it.

Sierra has memorable hairstyles described in the series. A fishtail braid,



Chapter 4


Kristy’s Style

Kristy (Short for Kristina), is the tomboy of the foursome. She enjoys playing sports while still looking her sweet girl-next-door best. She is on the girls’ basketball team and excels in volleyball and softball. Even though she’s not a rocker, hip-hop girl like Alicia, a girly-girl like Nikki, or sensible and studious like Sierra, Kristy managed to stay true to herself.

She is much of a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, with converse or Nike shoes. Jeans and jean skirts and shorts are Kristy’s favorite type of bottoms. She doesn’t wear prints like the other girls. Kristy would get up in the morning, and not lay out her clothes like Sierra. But she manages to find a plain white t-shirt, dark blue denim jeans, black and white converse shoes, and a blue flannel shirt to complete an plain tomboyish outfit, along with a half up-do hairstyle.

Sometimes, Kristy’s mother isn’t fond of her daughter’s sense of style. She thought that Kristy could dress up in stylish clothes like Nikki Merrick. That isn’t Kristy’s style.

Kristy is also a bit of an au natural, when it comes to her personal style. She doesn’t wear lipstick nor lip gloss. She keeps her lips moisturize with ordinary lip balm.