All About Middle School is the first spin-off to originate from All About Us, and was created and written by Maryam Wells. The series starts with friends, Alicia Alcott, Nikki Merrick, Sierra Jennings, and Kristy Castelli back to their days as students at Silver Hills Middle School.


The series focuses on the AAU girls from All About Us in their middle school years. In the prequel, the girls' divergent talents, perspectives, and family experiences become the platform for illustrating alternative approaches to understanding and solving problems, just like their experiences in high school.

Main CharactersEdit

Other CharactersEdit

  • Will Jennings, Sierra's older sister--whom Sierra feels inferior towards
  • Trent Alcott, Alicia's older brother
  • Edward and Alice Alcott, Alicia's parents
  • Lily Alcott, Alicia's little sister
  • Samuel and Susan Jennings, Sierra's parents-- have a strained marriage
  • Lulu Jennings, Sierra's little sister
  • Gino and Pamela Castelli, Kristy's parents
  • Aaron and Elizabeth Merrick, Nikki's parents

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Nancy Olsen (Grade 8)
  • Steve Bradley (Grade 7)
  • Cindy Webster (Grade 6)
  • Molly Parker (Grade 6)
  • Ms. Mahoney (8th grade math teacher)
  • Kristen Marshall (Grade 7)
  • Lindsey Stevens (Grade 8)
  • Eric MacPherson (Grade 7)
  • Carter Hale (Grade 7)
  • Lance Pierce (Grade 8)


The All About Middle School series features the four AAU girls as sixth grade students attending Silver Hills Middle School. There are three arcs in the series documenting three years of middle school from the 6th grade to the 8th grade.

6th Grade/ White Polo Top

  1. The First Day - As the girls start Silver Hills Middle School, the undergo changes in personality and fashion over the summer.
  2. Alicia's First Crush - Alicia has a crush on the new kid.
  3. Election - Sierra and Nikki run against each other for sixth-grade president.
  4. Trent's New Girlfriend - Nikki's cousin, Wendy visits Silver Hills and falls for Alicia's older brother, Trent.
  5. Picture Day - The girls face bad luck on eve of Picture Day; Alicia has an bad cold, Nikki has a cold sore, Sierra has a rash on her face, and Kristy has a black eye.
  6. Weekend Nightmare - Alicia has two events; Hannah's Pool Party and her family reunion.
  7. Misadventures in Babysitting - Alicia and Sierra switch places and Alicia winds up babysitting Lulu and Sierra babysits Lily.
  8. Rated R - The girls sneak into an R-rated movie.
  9. The Tutor - Nikki develops a crush on her cute math tutor, Quentin.
  10. Last Year's Model - Will becomes a teen model sensation, much to Sierra's annoyance.
  11. Sisters at Odds - Sierra and Will are fighting constantly, prompting Will to get her own room, Kristy wants to go bra-shopping with Nikki.
  12. Bedroom Update - The girls give Sierra's bedroom an update after Will gets her own room.
  13. The Last Day - The girls celebrate the last day of 6th grade with a slumber party and a Girlfriends on Ice TV marathon.

7th Grade/ Navy Polo Top

  1. New Semester - The girls start seventh grade. Alicia dislikes her new typewriting class.
  2. Opposites Attract - Eagle's basketball player, Logan Chase has a crush on th popular Nikki.
  3. Aunt Flow - The girls recall their first Period memories.
  4. The Bet - Alicia and Sierra bet that they can kiss Carter Hale first. Sierra takes an interest in Will's boyfriend, C.J.
  5. The Wrath of Julie - Nikki competes with popular cheerleader after not making the squad.
  6. Popularity - Julie tries to turn Nikki against her friends.
  7. Beauty and the Geek - Nikki gets a role in a school play and has to kiss the biggest geek in her class.
  8. Teacher Trouble - A Teacher sexually harrasses Sierra.
  9. School Projects - The girls take different electives: Alicia takes sewing, Nikki takes cooking, Sierra takes music, and Kristy takes Film Class.
  10. Beer Pressure - Nikki has been bending the truth lately, but when she caught with a beer can in her hand, no one believes her -- not her parents and her best friends.
  11. Valentine Locket - An admirer leaves a locket in Alicia's locker.
  12. The Popular Club - Popular girls want to recruit Nikki, but also want her to ditch her friends.
  13. Double Date - Alicia and Sierra go on a double date with two cute boys; Nikki has a date with two boys; Kristy sneaks out of the house to go to the school dance.
  14. Last day of School - The last day of school; Alicia's brother, Trent and Sierra's sister, Will share a kiss.

8th Grade/ Burgundy Polo Top

  1. A New Grade - The girls began their last year of middle school
  2. Kristy Gets Framed - Kristy has to get glasses
  3. The Biggest Shock - Alicia and Sierra learn that their older siblings are dating.
  4. The Big Fight - Sierra's parents come to blows
  5. Riding in cars with boys - Nikki encourages Sierra to ride in cars with hot high school boys.
  6. The Return of the Creep - Mr. Peck, the teacher who sexually harrased Sierra returns and targets Kristy. 
  7. Marco Leaves - Alicia's boyfriend, Marco leaves Silver Hills.
  8. Dangerous Secret - Kristy suspects that her teammate on the girls' basketball team is being abused.
  9. Party - The girls crash a high school house party hosted by Will's friend.
  10. Sierra moves on up - Sierra skips a grade and gets promoted to high school.
  11. The Split - Sierra and Will learn that their parents have decided to separate.
  12. Friends in Need - The girls comfort Sierra after her parents separate; Will moves in with the Alcotts.
  13. The Last Dance - Unable to go to the Farewell Dance, the girls plan their own dance at Castelli's.
  14. Bye, Bye Middle School - The girls graduate from Silver Hills Middle School; Sierra's parents reunite for Sierra's sake; Will and Trent break up. One of the girls' parents will break up for good.


  • Alicia: Next Stop High School - Alicia's summer vacation before entering high school.
  • Nikki: Next Stop High School - Nikki spends the summer in with her wealthy grandparents before starting high school.
  • Sierra: Next Stop High School - Sierra is a camp counselor for the summer and falls for a make counselor; Will sends a letter to Sierra that their parents are divorcing.
  • Kristy: Next Stop High School - Kristy goes to basketball camp for the summer.


  • The Missing Jewels - Nikki's new homemade jewellery disappears.
  • The Missing Diary - Kristy's diary disappears after she brings a cute boy upstairs to her room.
  • The Missing Sister - Alicia panics when Lily is abducted from school when she was supposed to pick her up.
  • Over a Barrell - Nikki is doing her community service at the community garden center, her best friends are volunterring to spend time with her, when a series of health problems arise: Kristy passes out, several other kids and adults get sick, and even some rabbits die. It's soon learned that a highly toxic chemical, tetrachloroethylene, has been illegally dumped in the ground under the garden and is to blame. The girls sets off to find the person responsible for such a dirty act.
  • Identical Strangers - Sierra is excited when she lands a job answering fan mail to her favorite actress, Lana Clarkson. However, when she starts reading threatening and disturbing notes, she begins to worry. Lana waves off her fears as just letters from a very devoted fan, until she narrowly avoids suffocating in a locked garage. The girls begin a search for Lana's stalker before her acceptance of an award.
  • The Middle School Vandal - Silver Hills Middle School has been vandalized; when Kristy's new crush is accused of the vandalism, she and her friends must find the culprit.

Holiday EditionEdit

  • Christmas Concert - Alicia performs in the Silver Hills Middle School Christmas Pageant.
  • New Year's Party - The girls host a New Year's party at Nikki's house.