All About Graduation is the final book in the All About Us series.


It's time for graduation. But things are changing for the dyamic foursome, Alicia wants to go to the School of Pop in Hollywood to pursue a pop star career; Niki wants to attend FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles to study fashion; and Sierra and Kristy are kicking themselves in the butts about deciding to go UCLA. With the girls' future unknown, the big question is Are the girls going to split up for the first time?


  • Niki: "High School lasts four years, but what we have together lasts forever."


  • All the girls are on the book cover in cap and gown.
  • The AAU Girls, Ryan, Logan, Matt, Josh, Amy, and Allison all graduate high school.
  • Sierra's parents host a fourth of July party at the Silver Hills Park.
  • This was the final appearance of Amy and Allison.
  • Sierra is Valedictorian at graduation, while ex-boyfriend, Logan was Salutatorian.
  • The graduation scene was ranked #4 on All About Us: Most Memorable Moments.
  • The AAU Girls have lunch at Castelli's Pizza Shack for the last time.
  • This is the last book of the series.

Outfits in the EpisodesEdit


Chapter 1

Sierra Jennings taped one corner of a long giant banner on the school quad that said Congratulations Seniors! Her boyfriend, Logan Haines helped taped the other corner on the other side of the quad. “It’s looking great, babe,” Logan observed the banner as he stepped down from the ladder and took a glimpse at it.

“Yep, I can’t wait for graduation,” Sierra said stepping down from the ladder and taking a glimpse at the banner.

Later on at Nutrition, Sierra met up with her three long-time BFF’s Alicia Alcott, Nikki Merrick and Kristy Castelli to talk about the last week of school, their 18th birthdays, and Nikki’s decision to move to New York for Fashion College.

“Nik, I still think you shouldn’t go to New York, it’s cold and snowy,” Kristy explained. “Yeah, you’re the Carrie Bradshaw of the west coast,” Alicia agreed.

“Nice advise coming from the girl who wants to move to L.A. for a music career,” Nikki replied eating her salad.

“I’m still thinking about it.” Like Nikki, Alicia had made plans to leave Silver Hills and to go on tour with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Frankel and their long time band, Mystic Cats, which was the weirdest name in town. Alicia wanted to pursue a music career after high school, but had fears of letting her family down. Her older brother, Trent is already a junior at Silver Hills University, from spending two years at Silver Hills Community College due to Alicia’s parents not being able to afford to send both him and Alicia to the same college after high school. Their only plan to send one of them to college is to attend Silver Hills Community College for two years then send them to Silver Hills University. But Alicia spent the entire three weeks after her senior prom, reconsidering her future plans.

“I’m not going on tour with Ryan… I’m going on tour with Tina, Olivia, and Kady,” Alicia explained.

Tina, Olivia, and Kady were in a band called Choice. They were Alicia’s favorite band and Alicia’s favorite cousins. They offered Alicia a chance of a lifetime, to go on tour with them for the summer. Alicia was excited to get this offer from them; this was her ticket to fame and her chance to become the popstar she wanted to be. But Alicia needed time to think about this offer. She had just reconciled with Ryan and he planned to travel with their long time band to L.A. to get a record deal.

  Also, Alicia’s parents wanted her to go to college like her brother, Trent. But college wasn’t in Alicia’s plans and she was scared to tell her parents what she wanted to do after high school.

“Tina, Olivia, and Kady? Aren’t they from the band Choice?” Sierra asked Alicia, taking a bite of her pizza.

“Yeah, they’re also my cousins.” Nikki, Sierra and Kristy made surprise faces after hearing that Alicia was related to the hottest R&B girl group in Hollywood.

“You’re related to Choice?” Kristy asked sipping on cola.

“Yeah. Their dad and my dad are brothers. Their ended up being the manager of their career, while my dad ended up marrying my mom and raising me and my sibling in Silver Hills.”

Alicia’s father and her uncle were brothers in a band called

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