The relationship between siblings Alicia and Trent Alcott began when Alicia was born in 1990.

Alicia & Trent
Logan Browning as Alicia Alcott

Alicia Alcott

Bryton mcclure Trent Alcott

Trent Alcott.

General Information


Alicia Alcott and Trent Alcott

Kind of Pairing:



Brother and Sister


Prior to Series


Never ending

Other Names:


Sibling HistoryEdit

Alicia once shared a room with Trent when she was little girl. When Trent started high school, he got fed up with sharing a room with a fourth grader, who insists of changing her room into a little girls' room. Their father realizes that Trent and Alicia are not only growing up, but they are old enough to give each other space. So Trent moves into his own room and Alicia makeovers her room.


  • Alicia and Trent once shared a room together.
  • They are friends with the Jennings sisters, Sierra and Will.
  • They are the elder siblings of Brittany Alcott.
  • Trent was very protective of Alicia when she started dating Ryan Frankel.
  • One of Alicia's best friends, Nikki Merrick had a crush on Trent and once kissed him.
  • Trent disliked two of Alicia's boyfriends, Ryan and Dante, though only became friends with Ryan.
  • Alicia and Trent were with their exes during the Silver Hills Earthquake. Alicia was with Ryan with his stepmother at his father's house and Trent was with Will when they searched for their family and friends around Silver Hills.
  • They both dated white people, as it was revealed.
  • They have children with their spouses.
    • Trent has four kids with Will Jennings.
    • Alicia has two daughters with Ryan Frankel.

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