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The friendship between Alicia Alcott and Sierra Jennings began prior to the AAU and AAMS book series. 

Friendship HistoryEdit

In Sierra takes on Pollution, Alicia and Sierra were getting their books from their lockers when Matt Wright and his brother, Josh came by. Sierra had a disgusted look on her face when she sees Matt. As the brothers left them alone, Alicia teased Sierra saying "I think Matt likes you". Sierra tells Alicia that Matt was an creature from the jerk lagoon.

In Juniorits, Alicia met with Sierra, Nikki, and Kristy preparing to write their English class exam. After the final exam was over, the girls went to clean out their lockers, and Alicia reveals that she got a C for Geometry B, but has to go to summer school to pass Geometry A with Nikki.


  • Alicia and Sierra are the younger siblings of Trent Alcott and Will Jennings.
  • Both are good friends of Nikki Merrick, Kristy Castelli, Frankie Lewis.
  • Both attend Silver Hills Elementary, Silver Hills Middle School, and Silver Hills High School together.
  • Sierra consoled Alicia when she was bullied by their teacher in Biology.
  • Both were crushed on by the Wright brothers and later dated them in their senior year.
  • They both graduated from Silver Hills High in the final episode.
  • They were both born in 1990.
  • They have daughters.
    • Alicia has two daughters, Tia and Maya.
    • Sierra has one daughter, Caitlyn. Her other children are boys.
  • They both helped fix up Castelli's Pizza Shack after it was damaged in the Earthquake.
  • Alicia was angry at Sierra for the way she broke up with Logan Haines for Matt Wright in Senior Beginnings.
  • They were both held hostage at Sassy's in Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Sierra has attended several of Alicia's musical gigs in the series.
  • They were in a few love triangles with their love interests and the Wright brothers.


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